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A little about me:

Hey y’all! Thanks for stopping by! I’m Laura Nau (pronounced “now”) and I’m a stay at home mom to twin girls and a newborn. I’m also a stepmom to a sweet girl so I’m a total #girlmom! I’m married to the love of my life (cheesy grin) and we live in Evansville, IN.

A born and raised Kentucky girl,  I love coffee, champagne and lots of dark chocolate! (And those Kentucky Wildcats 😉)

I began “Nau and Forever” in the summer of 2017. I wanted to share the craziness of mommyhood as well as all the stuff I love. I had no idea at that time what the future would hold!

I used to have a super unhealthy body image and relationship with food. I used Ephedra pills so much that my toes would curl at night because I was so dehydrated. I put myself on weight watchers after I broke my arm Senior year because I was afraid I would get fat. I used more diet pills & laxatives because I was so unhappy with my 119 lb frame.

Today, I now know how to FUEL MY BODY and FEED MY MIND. I love this body that has grown 3 beautiful babies. I have learned (and continue to learn) how to live a HEALTHY.

Photos courtesy of Wen Photography (Newburgh, IN)

My past doesn’t define me and neither does yours.

You can change your story at any time. I did!

I know God’s plan is for me to encourage and empower other women and girls to change their stories and find the lifestyle that you were meant to have.

My goal is to be an encouragement and cheerleader to women everywhere! As a fitness trainer and fitness/mindset coach, my goal is to help you discover your confidence and worth by getting physically and emotionally fit! I believe that feeding your mind, fueling your body with a dash of movement and self-love is the best recipe for a happier & healthier you!

I’d love to get to know you so feel free to drop me a comment or email me at laura@nauandforever.com!

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I’ve always enjoyed writing so I also do freelance writing as well! I’m a contributor for Consumer Health Digest, Thrive Global and Red Tricycle. I also ghostwrite for different companies.  I can send writing examples upon request. Check out my Work With Me page for updates!

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