Tips for Protecting Your Child’s Vision

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Your child’s health should always be a priority. Often the focus seems to be on making sure children eat healthy and exercise. 

While this is important it is also paramount that their vision is taken care of as well. Taking care of your children’s eyesight is not complicated.   

With a few lifestyle changes, you will ensure that their vision is not damaged permanently. Here is what you need to know and do.

Limit Screen Time

Children these days spend a lot of time indoors and on their devices. Staring at a screen for a long hours can cause exhaustion in the eye. 

Make sure that your children put their computer screens at eye levels that are comfortable. The best eye level for the screen of a computer is a little lower than their eyes.

Many children also spend a lot of time gaming and this can also damage their vision. Children who spend a lot of time gaming without taking breaks often report that they have headaches and hazy vision. All this can be changed by simply reducing their screen time.

Television Safety

It is also essential that you encourage children to view television screens at safe distances. 

Children should not sit very close to the TV when they are watching it. A three and a half meters distance is always encouraging to ensure that their eyes are not strained or damaged. 

Remember that television screens give off blue light, which can be very damaging to the eye. Make sure that the room is well-lit when they are watching TV as well.

Let them Wear Sunglasses

You should let your child wear sunglasses whenever they are outside. This will help to prevent UV damage from the sun.

Choose sunglasses that have UV protection. This means that you should avoid those cheap kiddie sunglasses that you may see in some stores. 

UV protection is a must and you need to make sure that your child is getting proper eyewear. Make sunglasses selection fun for your kids by allowing them to pick out UV glasses in a style that they love. 

Educate Your Child

The reality is that you cannot watch your children 24 hours a day especially as they get older and become teenagers. Educating them about the importance of proper eye care is important. You should also tell them why they must visit the local optometrist occasionally for an eye exam.

Once you teach them about all the damage that can be done by watching television at a close distance, being on their screen too much and not wearing sunglasses, they will become more compliant as they seek to protect themselves.

Take Care of Their Vision

Eye health is critical. Children use their vision for a myriad of things every single day. It is important that their vision is taken care of at all times. Poor vision can lead to problems in the classroom. 

Children might not be able to function as effectively as they should and this can cause them to fall behind in school. The fact is that proper vision is important for just about every aspect of your child’s life, so it is important that you help them protect it.

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