What To Wear When Exercising In The Cold

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The cold weather continues to plug away at us – especially in the mornings and evenings. For some, these are the two best times to go out and exercise. You like getting up early before work or heading out after a long day inside. In either situation, you’re stuck with the uncomfortable task of working out in cold weather. The same goes for anyone that likes running or hiking – the chances are, you’ll be doing it in the cold. 

You must know how to dress for these weather conditions to maximize performance. Believe it or not, so many people wear the wrong clothes when exercising in cold weather. With that in mind, here’s what you should wear: 

Thicker leggings

Your normal workout leggings might be too thin for the cold weather. As a result, you’ll feel too chilly when you step outside, possibly lowering your motivation right away. Instead, you should find some slightly thicker ones. Lots of brands do leggings like this, with a thermal layer included to keep you that little bit warmer. Instantly, you feel more comfortable and it won’t take as long to get warmed up!

Thermal socks

This is where a lot of people – particularly runners – go wrong. You put on your thin running socks and expect to be okay in cold weather. Realistically, so much heat gets lost through your feet, making them feel extra cold and numb. It’s incredibly uncomfortable, which is why you need some womens thermal socks instead. They don’t need to be outrageously thick and fluffy; find some thermal sports socks that prevent heat loss through your feet. 


Wearing gloves when exercising in the cold is an absolute must. If you’re running, walking, hiking, or cycling, your hands will freeze if they’re not protected. This will make it impossible for you to do simple things – like check your phone or open your water bottle. It’s also just borderline dangerous as your poor fingers might get frostbite in really cold weather. Don a pair of sporty gloves to keep your hands nice and warm! 

Multiple layers

Yes, it is always smarter to wear multiple layers instead of one layer of very thick clothing. As you exercise, your body will naturally start heating up. If you only have one layer on, you may quickly overheat – even if it’s still cold out! Having multiple layers lets you take off any layers as you get hotter and hotter. This way, you maintain a good body temperature without heating up too much or feeling too cold from the beginning. 

That’s all there is to it folks! Two key things to remember from this post are that it’s crucial to dress appropriately when exercising in the cold – and why it’s important to do so. If you dress too light, you’ll be freezing from the moment you step outside. It’ll be harder for your body to warm up, increasing the risk of injuries and decreasing your motivation. If you dress too heavy, you’ll overheat when your body warms up. Get the perfect combination by following the tips above.

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