What Does A Successful Life Look Like To You?

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We all think we know what a successful life looks like. But what is it really? It is just about the accumulation of material possessions, or is there more to it than that? 

Well, it depends on your perspective. However, there is some interesting thinking on this subject. And it’s not always what you think. 

It’s People Who Achieve Their Goals

In the simplest sense, success happens when people achieve their goals. Individual goals are small, but when someone accomplishes their life’s big goals, then that really matters. 

For instance, a young person might, in the course of their life, achieve their goal to become an Oscar-nominated actor. Or, they might fulfil a goal to become a knee surgeon. 

In this view, it really doesn’t matter what the goal is. What matters is that you achieve it. 

Unfortunately, simply achieving goals probably isn’t the definition of a good life. Just look at Robin Williams, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. They all dominated their industries but still came to a sad end. 

It’s People Who Achieve Balance

Another way of defining success is to attribute it to people who achieve balance in their lives. These individuals have great achievements, but they offset them with other things, besides their goals. 

For instance, a famous TV chef might have a jam-packed weekly schedule. But on the weekend, he insists on spending quality time with his family. That’s a good example of balance. 

You could also have a screenplay writer who spends all her time during the week writing various scripts. But then once she’s sold one, she isn’t afraid to take a month off to go travelling. 

It’s People Who Do Everything They Set Out To Do

Another definition of success is that it is people who set out to do everything they want to do. Belinda Stronach, for instance, was once a member of the Canadian parliament but then transitioned to becoming a businesswoman, occupying an entirely different world. 

Arnold Schwarzeneggar wanted to be the Mr Olympia champion and wound up starring in films and becoming the governor of California. It’s these examples that make all the difference. 

It’s People Who Have Financial Stability

For some people, success means having financial stability. Instead of worrying about where the next check is going to come from, they always seem to have plenty of money in the bank. 

Money isn’t everything in life, of course, but it does help to have resources behind you. It gives you more options and lets you live your life the way you want. 

It’s People Who Achieve Freedom

Physical and personal freedom are also signs of success. People who liberate their minds from all the anxiety, fears and tensions so common in the modern world are doing something fundamentally different from everyone else. 

What freedom looks like for you depends on who you are. For some people, it’s about having wealth and physical freedom to go and do what they want. For others, it’s psychological freedom that comes from deep meditation and a forgetting of the self.

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