3 Reasons Why You May Need a Lawyer

While lawyers may get a bad reputation sometimes, there is no denying that this profession is needed. Everyone goes through rough patches here and there, and with the legal system being so complicated, it’s strongly ideal that a lawyer gets thrown into the loop to help you out. Here are some common reasons why you may need a lawyer in the near or far future.

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Estate planning

You should always try to prepare for the unexpected, even if it’s scary to think about. No matter what age you are, if you own assets such as a house, you will need to see a lawyer about this. Having an estate plan can save your family a lot of grief and frustration. The planning process includes organizing records, making decisions, and setting up trusts. It can also minimize the amount of money spent on taxes.

A lawyer can also provide objective advice about your plan. He or she can tell you which estate plan is the best for your situation. This includes information about the laws in your state and region. Your attorney will also be able to advise you on the best way to pass your assets to your heirs. This includes the most tax-efficient way to pass your property.

An estate planner can also manage insurance, investments, and other savings accounts. A complete estate plan can reduce your professional fees and taxes. In addition, it can reduce the costs associated with settling your estate in the court system. This is strongly recommended, as your family won’t have to fight amongst each other for your assets, and you get the final say in what happens.

Tax compliance issues

Among the reasons why you may need a lawyer is to address your tax compliance issues. These issues are related to different taxes, which can confuse some. This is more apparent when earning income in multiple areas or owning a business. In general, when it comes to taxes can be a messy area that individuals and professional business owners go through. So, you can get a lawyer (and maybe an accountant), who can help you with any tax compliance issues you may face.

Legal advice

While some people may seek legal advice from paralegals or legal assistants, this isn’t ideal. Generally, legal advice from an assistant or paralegal is a gray area. They are not admitted and are not permitted to represent clients in court. However, they can prepare legal documents and explain them to clients. They can also perform the tasks that an attorney normally would, such as interviewing witnesses and performing legal research.

Legal advice from an assistant or paralegal should be interpreted in light of agency rules, statutes, and court rules. If a paralegal violates an ethical rule, they can be subject to fines, slaps on the wrist, or even disbarment. Since it’s a grey area and strongly not recommended, you’re better off seeking a lawyer as they can be fully versed in local laws. Plus, for specific help, they can give family legal advice too.

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