7 Small Ways To Spice Up Your Dining Room Décor

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Looking for ways to spice up your dining room decor? Below are a few small features that will make your dining room look incredible. 

Vibrant art

Hanging some vibrant art on a wall can bring an explosion of energy to your dining room. This could be great for energizing your guests when throwing a dinner party, helping to encourage conversation. It’s up to you as to what type of art you choose – it could be something realistic or something more abstract. 

Novelty placemats

Placemats can protect your table from ring marks and can be a great way to decorate the table. Consider looking into fun and unusual placemats. This guide offers a few examples of great placemats

Restaurant quality napkins

If you want to impress your guests at a dinner party, why not add some restaurant quality napkins? This is certain to make your home feel like a fine dining establishment. You can buy napkins in all kinds of colors. Consider learning some napkin origami to truly wow everyone around the table. 

Multicoloured chairs

Most people choose a matching set of chairs that is the same tone or material as the table. However, your table and chairs don’t have to match. In fact, your chairs don’t even have to match with one another. Using mismatched chairs can actually add a sense of fun to the room. Alternatively, you can use the same style of chair, but select different colors for each chair. You may be able to buy chairs in different colors or – if you have wood chairs – you could consider painting each one a different hue. 

Seasonal tablescapes

Tablescaping is the art of decorating the table. A seasonal tablescape involves using flowers and decorations related to the season. For example, a fall tablescape might include dried flowers, pine cones and an orange table runner. A winter tablescape could meanwhile incorporate snowflake dollies, mistletoe and Xmas ornaments. Spring tablescapes could include bright blooming flowers and yellow or pink napkins. A summer tablescape on the other hand could adopt a beach theme with seashells and wicker placemats. This post offers a few more seasonal tablescape ideas


Candles are a great form of mood lighting. They can also create a sense of warmth. Be careful as to where you place candles so that they don’t get knocked – especially on a smaller table. In most cases, candles are best placed in the center. Large candles in ornate holders could make a great centerpiece, while small shallow candles are better as a small embellishment. If you don’t want to use an open flame, you can always use electric candles.

Large rug

Placing a large rug under your dining room table can help to catch food. It can also make the floor look less bare and bring a cosiness to the space. Try to choose a rug that is the same shape as your table and a little bit bigger (it should overlap all the edges and corners).

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