5 Things To Do Before You Sell Your Car

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Selling a car is something you should do too hastily. In fact, there are few measures worth taking before you put your car on the market. Such measures could help to ensure that your car appeals to more buyers, as well as allowing you to make more money from the sale. Below are just 5 of the most important measures worth considering before you sell your car.

First, work out the value of your car

You don’t want to set a price that’s too high or too low. By looking up similar cars for sale online and seeing what they’re selling for, you can then roughly work out the value of your car. You can also use car value estimator tools online. On top of the model and age of your car, it’s worth considering the mileage and condition. Buyers are likely to pay a lot more for a 2012 Ford Focus that’s in good condition and that has a relatively low mileage than they are for a 2012 Ford Focus that’s got a high mileage and lots of dents and scratches. Take these factors into account. 

Consider some small modifications/repairs

Certain mods and repairs could help to boost the value of your car. Many small cosmetic improvements can have a big impact on the value, despite not costing too much to implement. Start by considering exterior improvements. Replacing missing or damaged rims can be a big value-booster – you can usually buy new rims quite cheaply. If you’ve got a chip in the windscreen, it could also be worth looking into chip repair. Noticeable bumps and scratches may also be worth repairing – consider getting quotes to see how much it costs. After considering exterior improvements, consider small interior upgrades. For example, buying new floor mats from a site like TDot Performance could push up the value without costing too much. Avoid expensive mechanical modifications and repairs as these will usually cost more than the value they add.

Get your car inspected and serviced

You could find that more people are interested in your car if it has been recently serviced and inspected. This can help to build trust that there are no hidden faults and that necessary fluids have all been topped up and replaced. You’ll need to take your car to a car repair center for an inspection and service. Different states may have different inspections, which are worth looking into. Make sure to keep onto any receipts for these services to prove that they’ve been carried out. It is possible to carry out your own service including your own oil change – this could save you money, although you won’t be able to provide a receipt to prove that it has been done.

Thoroughly clean your car

Cleaning your car can have a big impact on the value and attractiveness of your car. You could hire someone to do this, however it will save you money to do it yourself. Start by getting the exterior all clean. Make sure to clean the tires and rims as well as the general bodywork. Dirty headlights could also be worth cleaning. When it comes to the interior of your car, start by removing any clutter or trash and then vacuum away any dirt or crumbs. Wipe down any plastic or leather to get rid of any dirt, making sure to get into any crevices. If you’ve got cloth fabric seats, carefully try to remove any stains that will shift. This post at The Spruce delves more into how to thoroughly clean your car. After your car has been cleaned, it could be worth considering a few small touches to help add that new car feel – this could include adding some wax to the bodywork to help it shine and adding an air freshener inside to make the exterior smell nice. 

Get all the right documents in order

You’re more likely to gain the trust of a buyer by having all the car’s paperwork in order. Start by finding the title document for your car – this is the most important document as it proves ownership of the vehicle. If this is missing, you can usually replace it by contacting your local DMV. Paying off any finance due is usually necessary. Some states also require you to provide a bill of sale – this is something you can also obtain from your local DMV. Other paperwork such as the owner’s manual, service and inspection certificates, repair receipts and warranty documents could also be worth getting together if you have them. You can compile these all in a folder together to give to the buyer.

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