How You Can Turn Your Bedroom Into A Sanctuary

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A 2015 Choice Home Warranty survey revealed that 19.3% of Americans consider their master bedroom as the most valuable room in their houses. Indeed, your master bedroom is the ideal retreat from the rest of the world. Therefore, it makes sense for this space to be the most tranquil room in your entire house, helping you relax and sleep well. Thankfully, there are countless ways to make your bedroom more calming. Here are some tips to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary.

  • Introduce scents

Pleasing and calming scents contribute to a peaceful environment, so consider using some aromas in your bedroom. Scientific studies have shown that scents like jasmine and lavender have a calming effect on humans, so you can invest in these go-to options for starters. However, feel free to explore any particular scents you love that will have you looking forward to relaxing in your bedroom. For instance, you can invest in a beeswax candle if you love the smell of honey. These candles are less toxic, safer, and more relaxing than numerous artificially scented candles on the market.

  • Play soft music

Studies have shown that music has a calming effect on people, so you can use it to turn your bedroom into a haven. However, slow music is best because it relaxes your muscles and calms your mind, leaving you soothed as you release the day’s stress. You can explore a wide range of genres, including classical, new age, or soft jazz, as long as the beat and the sound are calming. Also, remember to keep the volume low because even soft music can become irritating if played loudly. Finally, set your music to shut off automatically after a defined period if you are hitting the sack. This way, you won’t be awoken during the night after being lulled to sleep.

  • Invest in a better bed

Your bed is the ultimate place to relax in your bedroom, so consider investing in a perfect bed. This bed can vary based on your unique needs, so it is vital to think about this when making your choice. For instance, a firm mattress is ideal if you have a bad back. On the other hand, you can invest in a softer bed you can sink into every night for a comfortable sleep. Also, make sure that this bed has enough room to accommodate you and anyone else you sleep with, like your spouse, children, or pets. 

  • Use soft lighting

Bright bedroom lights are undoubtedly excellent for visibility, but they contribute to any room’s “visual noise.” As such, you can expect to stay awake much longer if you are using these lights in your bedroom, even long after turning them off. Consequently, use several small lamps around your bedroom at different heights instead of relying on one huge, central ceiling light fixture. Then, turn on only the lamps you need at a particular time to keep your bedroom in a constant relaxing state.

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