Relaxation Techniques That Will Leave You Feeling Like a Brand New Woman

If you’re looking for ways to relax without having to leave your house, these relaxation tips will help you.

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Considering the effects of COVID-19 and social isolation can be mentally and physically draining, not to add the typical life stresses of work, grocery shopping, and child care. It’s hard to get out of a rut when you’re used to being locked in a giant ball of stress. Stress is known to damage the immune system, so getting sick won’t improve the situation. When you’re feeling stressed, try one of these simple relaxation techniques that you can do anywhere, anytime. When you start adding these small acts of levity into your life, you’ll notice a significant difference in your physical and mental health.

It’s Okay To Wing It

If your to-do list rules your life, it’s time to learn to let go. Contrary to popular belief, you must initially schedule spontaneity. How? Make no plans: Put it on your calendar (in pen!) and let your free-spirited, creative, impulsive side run wild. No chores or “responsible” tasks were allowed that day. Wake up, then return to bed. Watch a Real Housewives marathon or read your favoutire blog. Spend too much time on Facebook. See that new rom-com your husband dismisses. Allow yourself to do whatever you want for the entire day and notice how much better you feel at the end of it.

Act Like A Child

You spend your childhood imagining yourself as an adult, but take a moment to be a child again. Do whatever it was that made you happy before teen angst changed your outlook on life. Consider a few necessities from your youth. If you can’t recall specific activities, follow your kids’ lead. Worry about the age gap. That’s it!

Face De-Stressing

Women are often unaware of how much stress is held in their jaws. If you clench your teeth frequently, it can lead to hypertrophy, or thickening, of the muscle on the side of your cheek, and modify the form of your face in the long run. It’s simple to relieve the strain if you keep your chin up. When applying moisturiser, use a circular motion to massage the muscles along your jawline and under your ears. (It’s easy to find: just tighten your jaw and it’ll pop out.)

Take A Snooze To Recharge Your Batteries

You’re aware that you could benefit from it, yet you insist on pushing through your day nevertheless. Your brain requires a break in the same way that your muscles do when you exercise. There is a point at which overdoing it yields diminishing returns. A tiny nap can help to regenerate you and help you to keep up with your daily tasks 

However, keep your mid-afternoon nap to 20 or 30 minutes (set an alarm just in case).

These five tips should help you to destress and relax. Do you have any other tips that could help? Please share some of them in the comments below.

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