Why Women Should Learn Self Defense

Women are repeatedly victims of types of harassment which may include sexist sayings, jokes or unwanted turn-on in everyday life, but also unwanted touches. The spectrum can range to crimes which is why women should have skills that can keep them safe. Women are also particularly often victims of other crimes such as pickpocketing. No wonder, then, that many women are thinking about how to better and effectively protect themselves from harassment and violence. Self-defence weapons are one way to improve self-protection, although not all weapons offer reliable protection. Experts usually recommend pepper spray in combination with a key alarm as self-defence weapons, as they can also be used at a distance against attackers and thwart attacks. But when there is a melee fight, techniques of self-defence are helpful.

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The range of self-defence courses for women is large and unfortunately confusing – from martial arts to other courses in the fitness center. The police offer a list of reputable providers and offer self-defence courses for women. Which self-defence courses are the right ones is difficult to say, as numerous individual factors play a role. In fact, self defence classes for women are very prevalent and a great choice for all women. 

Martial arts, for example, are not exclusively aimed at self-defence and require fitness, endurance and a lot of training. Certain courses, on the other hand, are not counted among martial arts and are aimed at all women and girls. Certain classes are specifically focused on self-defence and self-assertion and has its origin in the feminist movement. Sometimes not only self-defence techniques are taught, but also potentially dangerous situations are played through during role-playing games and perceptual exercises. In good self-assertion and self-defence courses, women can learn to recognize dangers in good time and to develop strategies for prevention or resistance.


In principle, it is important to be vigilant and to recognize dangers and dangerous situations in good time. The police advise women who feel like they are being persecuted to immediately look for well-lit and busy places and possibly ask others directly for help. If a threat becomes concrete, calling the police immediately is vital. However, your self-defence tips can also help. Nobody should ever feel unable to defend themselves if the worst should happen. Therefore, you should make sure to also carry pepper spray or something else on you. Whilst it is sad that women live in a world like this, our priority is to keep safe. Anyone who observes harassment or other attacks should not put themselves in danger for self-protection, but alert help immediately. So if you notice someone being assaulted and are too afraid to get involved, call the police immediately or call upon someone else for help – perhaps a man or someone in a local shop. It must be done right away. Keep safe and always be aware!

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