5 Benefits of Playing Games

Remember being a kid and having so much fun playing games. I remember when my Mom got our first computer. I would spend hours playing solitaire. On my first cell phone, it was the “snake” game. 

Somewhere along the way, I lost that love of games. As a parent, I’m learning again how fun it is to just play. I would even say play is vital. Check out these five benefits of playing games.

Relaxes the Mind

It’s so easy in the times we live in to feel very overwhelmed and overstimulated. We have information coming at us from every different angle. Playing games can help relax the mind. Solitaire, for example, can put you in a sort of meditative state. 

If you love all forms of Solitaire, check out this Solitaire site. I’ve been loving it. Playing these games has definitely helped relax my mind when I’m feeling uber stressed.

Games are Entertaining

This one is pretty obvious, but games are entertaining. The obvious goal of all games is fun, right? In a high stress world, we could all use a little more fun. Games are a cheap and often free form of entertainment for people of all ages.

Improves Memory

Playing games is a great (and easy) way to improve your memory. Crossword puzzles, for example, are a fantastic game for memory improvement. Studies have found that working these puzzles constantly stimulates your mind. Sudoku is another great memory boosting game.

Improves Decision Making

Strategy games can help improve decision making skills. If you’re like me, you’re no stranger to indecisiveness. Some games require quick thinking when making certain moves. That quick thinking can carry over into your real life too.

Keeps Your Mind Busy

Games are great at keeping your mind busy when you’re bored or agitated. Loading a game on your phone or computer can help easily distract you. Employees all over the world probably have Solitaire or Words with Friends at their fingertips for those bored moments. Even when you’re ‘cheating’ and using a word maker to hit those high scores, it’s still keeping you busy and allowing you to learn new things!

What Games Do You Love to Play?

You’re never too old to play games. Now that you know some of the benefits of playing, you should be adding more fun to your life today. What are your favorite games to play? Share in the comments!

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