Should You Use Influencers For Your Business?

The influence of marketing is to focus on people who have a strong power of recommendation so that these influencers can promote your product or service, your brand or your company to the audience you want to reach.  This method of communication can help you achieve most of your marketing goals: increase your notoriety, generate leads, increase your conversions, and maximize your ROI. However, it’s not just about getting people to be your spokespersons. It’s all about relationships. It gives you opportunities to build relationships with people who touch your potential customers. These are the people who will help you do more with less. If you earn their trust, you will be invited to those new audiences you desire. You just have to get in touch with some influencers, get them to promote your brand and your business and you will soon get bigger sales, right? 

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How do you find the perfect thought leader for your brand?

With the growing number of influencers on social media, it is becoming increasingly complex to know who to contact. The mistake not to make is to choose an influencer only for the size of his community. We must not confuse quantity and quality. This is why we advise you to select your opinion leader based on three aspects:

  • Consistency with your brand image
  • The relevance of its community
  • The budget you are able to allocate

Consistency with your brand image

If you are about to set up a campaign, your first priority is to find a personality in line with your values. The influencer must align with your brand and share values ​​similar to yours. It is by appreciating what you convey that he will be more inclined to promote your products.

For example, a sportswear brand wishing to promote its clothes will have every interest in collaborating with a fitness influencer who claims his attraction for this type of product. Conversely, if you choose an influencer who does not practice any sport, their credibility will be called into question and your reputation will be compromised. You should use agencies that can help you, such as for example. 

The relevance of its community

To find the right thought leader for your brand, it’s important to start by defining your target audience. After establishing your persona, select an influencer able to create a significant impact on the latter. Scrupulously analyze their community to find out if the majority of their followers belong to your target audience. Today, there are several influencer platforms that allow you to obtain key data to facilitate your choice. Distribution by geographic location, age group, gender are all elements that will ensure you reach the right people.  

The budget dedicated to influencer marketing

A collaboration with an influencer necessarily induces remuneration since it does not promote your products / services for free. The prices charged by influencers depend mainly on the desired content format (story, publication, video) but above all on the size of their community. In general, the higher the number of followers, the greater the amount of the service.

Besides the above items, you should also educate yourself about the community engagement rate.

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