How to Get People Laughing at Your Next Gathering

To me, laughter is the best medicine. It brings so much joy and happiness to the world and I love to provide that entertainment for my loved ones when we gather together.

Humor comes more naturally to some people. Even if you’re not a natural comedian, you can still get people laughing at your parties or get-togethers. Check out these 7 great ways to get people laughing.

Play Silly Games

If you’re looking for an organic way to tickle the funny bones, consider playing some silly games. You could play charades, meme games, or heads up. Games bring out the kid in all of us and are sure to bring laughter too.

Make Fun of Yourself

If you’re already a witty or funny person, some self-effacing jokes may be a great ice breaker for your event. Jim Gaffigan is so amazing at self-deprecating jokes. He uses himself and his family life to bring laughter and joy to his audiences. Nate Bargatze, one of my favorite comedians, is also great at this too.

Know Your Audience

Speaking of audiences, if you’re going to be providing the laughs, you need to know your audience. There are certain topics that may need to be left off the table. You don’t want to offend anyone.

Do Impressions

Some people are really great at impressions. I am not one of them, but my husband is. He’s great at imitating people he’s met in such a way that just keeps people laughing. 

Maybe you have a great impression of Billy Madison or George W. If you feel confident, share it with your friends. Bonus points if you dress the part too.

Slapstick Comedy

What do the Three Stooges, Jim Carrey, and Jerry Lewis have in common? They’re all slapstick comedians. The exaggerated physical activities (slipping, running into walls, falling), throwing a pie in someone’s face, and absurd situations can be hilarious. This is a style, however, that isn’t for everyone, so this is another reason it’s important to know your audience.

Perform Parodies

Parodies and satires can be hilariously entertaining. Think Weird Al. Pull out the karaoke machine and take turns singing parody songs. Instead of “Like a Virgin”, think “Like a Surgeon”. You get the idea. Bonus points for dancing too!

Hire a Comedian

Maybe comedy just isn’t your thing and you would rather put a professional in charge of delivering the laughs. You can book a comedian to come to your gathering. You can find someone who’s content you love and have them come entertain your friends.

Have Fun!

Regardless of what route you take, the main thing is to just have fun. Don’t put any pressure on yourself or the evening. Whether you’re letting someone throw a pie in your face, singing along to Weird Al, or dressing like George W, you’re sure to have an amazing night with friends.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the laughs that fill the air.

I want to know. Who is your favorite comedian or comedy show? Share in the comments!

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