5 Changes You Can Make To Live A Greener Lifestyle


Living a greener lifestyle doesn’t need to be difficult, there are many simple changes that you can make to get started. Once you’re on a greener path you’ll feel inspired and have plenty of great ideas of your own.

1 . Support the right brands

To live a greener lifestyle you’ve got to support the right brands. From materials to ethics, not all companies are eco-friendly and cruelty free. Whether it’s clothing, cosmetics or cleaning products, do your research before you part with your cash. 

The Good On You app can help you to find earth-friendly clothing companies. Another great tool is the Think Dirty app, here you can check how green your personal care products are. Supporting earth-kind brands will help to boost the demand for these products, and encourage non-sustainable brands to change their ways.

2 . Consider transportation

If you’re keen to reduce your carbon footprint you might like to consider your transportation options. It’s well known that EVs are better for the planet, electric vehicles produce less air pollutants and emissions compared to conventional vehicles. Research from EDF shows that, ‘one electric car on the roads can save an average 1.5 million grams of CO2.’

A lesser known fact is that driving a motorcycle can also be slightly better for the environment. According to Green.org, ‘bikes use 55-81% less fuel than cars. The data also showed that, ‘embodied costs are lower – building a low-capacity motorbike takes around one-seventh of the resources needed to build a car.’ Before you head to the nearest motorcycle dealers you might want to get a few motorcycle lessons!

3. Ditch single use products

Single use products are the enemy of sustainability, from face wipes to disposable razors, plastic straws and coffee cups. To live a greener lifestyle, take steps to eliminate single use products from your day to day. It is not difficult to do, there are so many alternatives to single use products.

4. Second-hand items

Going green is all about falling in love with second-hand items, whether it’s thrift stores, vintage stores or second-hand apps. From clothing to home decor items and books, there are plenty of pre-loved items you can buy. There are lots of benefits to buying pre-loved items, including:

  • You’ll protect the planet and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • It can save you plenty of money over time.
  • In thrift stores you can find lots of unique items.
  • You can donate your old items to thrift stores to create less waste. 

5. Support food waste apps

Food waste apps allow you to purchase food that would have otherwise been thrown away. By supporting these apps you can help solve the food waste crisis, and get food items at a discounted price. A few popular food waste apps include Flash Food, Food For All, and Food Rescue US.

With a few lifestyle adjustments it’s easy to reduce your carbon footprint, and improve your wellbeing too. Whether it’s driving an electric car or researching the brands you buy, there are lots of ways to go green.

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