Why You Need To Be Selfish Sometimes

When was the last time you thought about your own needs without considering what someone else expected from you or wanted for you? There is a good chance that it was a long time ago. As a society, we are conditioned to put other people first of all the time, and only then if there is anything left to give can we focus in on what we need and want. 

While we do need to think about others and consider what they want, neglecting our own wants and needs can be detrimental to both our physical and mental wellbeing. It is not self-centered to want to put yourself first at times; in fact, it is vital that you do so – consider it an act of self-love. Not only that, but if you are happy, content, and healthy, you are in a much better place to be able to help the people around you. We have all heard of the old adage ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’; well, this is so very true.

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Time alone is good

Everyone needs time to follow their own interests, and it is uncommon that two individuals will always want to do the same thing. Even if you are really close, spending time alone and with other loved ones can help your relationship stay healthy.

It allows you recharge to face problems

When life gets hectic, pastimes may be one of the first things to go as you deal with more pressing issues. This, however, has the opposite of the desired effect. When you don’t have time to rest, it is more difficult to endure adversity and recover from stress. On most days, setting aside time for hobbies and leisure can go a long way toward preventing burnout.

Learn about who you are

Only by spending time with yourself and honing in on your needs and wants can you learn who you truly are. Perhaps it is only after taking part in some exercise you realize how important health and wellbeing is to you. From then on not only can you make sure your own wellbeing is in tip-top condition, but you could help others by enrolling in a Health Coach Training Course. 

You can help a greater number of people when you are happy and healthy

Right now, we all need to pitch in and do the right thing to safeguard society as a whole, especially given the situation with coronavirus. Fortunately, tending to our own needs can provide us with the emotional energy we need to help people around us. Happier people, according to one study, are more inclined to care about global issues and take action to alleviate suffering, maybe because they have more personal agency and energy to do it.

Your loved ones will be happier and healthier

According to studies, our partners enjoy better health and live longer when we are happier, albeit the exact reasons for this are unknown. It is possible that cheerful individuals are more willing to assist and support sick partners. It’s also possible that a happy person makes their partner feel happier or less stressed, which makes them healthier in the long run.

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