Almighty Alterations: Learning To Cope With Change One Step at a Time

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We think of change as something that happens overnight, when in fact, change is the result of a lot of minor alterations in our lives. Learning to take life one step at a time is so important, but it is something that we don’t do because we expect almighty changes to happen at once. Whether this is starting a new habit, or taking medication and expecting it to work its magic quickly, but the reality is that, in life, the biggest successes and changes are about taking one step at a time. So how can we get into this mindset? 

Start Small

When we are stuck, learning to think smaller than what we are used to is the best way to keep progressing forward. When we feel overwhelmed, we need to remember that it’s the smallest changes that will add up to the biggest alterations in life. Something like smoking is not necessarily about going cold turkey, but it’s about potentially reducing the number of cigarettes you consume, or swapping to a C Cell vaping device or a combination of cigarettes and vaping to help you reduce the amount of nicotine in your body. But when we start much smaller than that, we can slowly build our achievement levels. 

Being Present With Each Step

Learning to stay in the moment is one of the best ways to develop discipline, whether you are trying to give up something, or start a new task. One of the best approaches to achieving this is to talk yourself through each step. We are all guilty of not living in the present, and if we avoid being in the present moment, this can increase our anxieties. We have to learn to switch off that autopilot sensation because if we go through life with a passive frame of mind, we are not engaging with any changes, and we can very easily go back to square one as we are not practicing any mental strength. 

Managing Your Symptoms of Stress

When we are progressing in a new career, or making changes in our lives, we are going to feel anxious about advancing to the next step, and this is where we can learn to take control over the symptoms. One of the best practices is box breathing. This is something practiced by Navy SEALS when they are out in the field, as it helps them to focus their minds, and take over their feelings of stress. You can also change your posture to be more confident, smile more, and so many of the right practices will improve your health and mindset so you can be far more focused on taking each step at a time. 

As you start to take on new goals, everything starts to feel a little overwhelming. Before you give up, you must remember that life is about taking things one step at a time. Change is not instant, but it is about the combination of smaller efforts that add up to almighty alterations.

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