Could You Be Spending a Bit Too Much Time on Social Media?

These days, most people spend at least some time on social media to catch up with friends and family, but it’s also a great way to find out more about the latest trends with your favourite interests. However, it can get to a point where you’re spending a little too much time on social media. So much in fact, that it can eventually become a problem that causes a variety of issues.

If you feel like you’re spending a bit too much time on social media, then there are a couple of signs that you could look out for.

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You check your phone more often than you’d like to admit

Our phone is perhaps the most common device that we use to not only access social media, but the internet as a whole. It’s so convenient that we often spend more time than we’d like to admit staring at the screen. In fact, some phones even have a screen time feature that shows you just how much time you’re spending on your phone. It even has a breakdown of all the apps that you’re spending time on so that you can see exactly what you’re looking at when your phone is on.

This is a great way to discover what you’re using your phone for and how often you look at social media. Since it records the history of what apps you’re using, you can actually look at how much time you spend looking at your phone and then compare it to the past to see if there’s been any improvement.

You check your phone immediately after you hear a notification

If you feel like your priority is to check your phone as soon as you hear a notification then you might be spending a little too much time on social media. You could try and turn on your phone’s “do not disturb” mode to prevent procrastination, but it’s best if you train yourself to not immediately look at your phone once you hear it. This can take a bit of training and willpower, but it’s a great way to cut down on social media usage in general.

You could try disabling your social media accounts

While it’s a fairly drastic option, you could potentially disable your entire social media account on various platforms. This blog post at can show you how to deactivate your Instagram account if you ever feel like you’re spending a bit too much time looking at it. This can seem a bit too drastic at times, but it might be the best option if you feel like you’re spending too much time on social media.

At the end of the day, a digital detox would be the best option to go for if you feel like you spend a bit too much time on social media. It takes a lot of willpower and you might occasionally need to use in-app features to disable your account, but it’s one of the best ways to help prevent a social media addiction from growing out of control.

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