Short Story: The Truth About CBD Topicals


CBD and hemp oils have gained enormous popularity within modern times. It has been found that it provides neurological benefits and has been found to have a lack of side effects when treating these conditions and diseases. The FDA had approved medications to treat epileptic patients due to the clinical studies completed. They are sold as a supplement as they are not addictive and have had research done on them with ongoing studies as there is still much that is unknown.  

What is CBD and Topical Treatment

CBD and hemp oils are extracted from the cannabis plant that can be used for many purposes. The difference between hemp and CBD oil is that hemp oil does not contain either CBD or THC. 

THC is known to give people psychoactive effects whereas CBD does not. As mentioned, studies have found that CBD brings about different effects to people’s lives that facilitate positive lifestyle and health conditions. This leads the way on how you manage your lifestyle energy and helps you make room for more good things in your life.

CBD topicals use the compound to make products you are able to apply to your skin and don’t enter the bloodstream. They are known to offer many of these benefits that may soothe the body as they are absorbed into the skin and offer relief. However, there are some side effects to some that are not serious.    

Benefits and Disadvantages of CBD Topicals

It should be understood that the benefits that topical relief brings are therapeutic. It does not mean that it should be a replacement for certain medications, you should consult your doctor about these. Below you can find some of the reasons that topicals have become increasingly popular. 

  • Pain reduction: Arthritis, chronic pain, menstrual cramps, and multiple sclerosis.
  • Post-workout Recovery as it directly targets the pain. 
  • Skincare: Acne, psoriasis or eczema.  
  • Inflammation relief

There is a favourable light with how safety is found in CBD topical use. However, some risks or disadvantages may be brought on but don’t have severe side effects. The reactions have been found by the American Academy of Dermatology association to be contact dermatitis. Studies have found that it has a better profile than other drugs.  

  • Low allergen meaning it may cause skin irritation. 
  • Unknown pregnancy effects on fetal development as there are few studies in the area.
  • Can involve high expenditures. 
  • Does not stop or prevent health conditions just reduce effects. 

How to Topically Apply CBD

It is understood that topical CBD products are applied to the skin. It’s important to test a small part of the skin first and if there are no reactions you should be able to proceed. The products should be applied after the skin has been cleansed such as a shower, for more effective penetration. The application should be applied directly to affected areas. The process slowly activates and tends to last for longer periods. They can be found in a variety of products in the forms of:

  • Creams and lotions: Pain and facial creams
  • Gels: Hair gel
  • Balm: Lip balms
  • Oils: CBD beard oil
  • Sprays: CBD spray
  • Serums: Face serums or oils

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