5 Safe (Ish) Ways To Get An Adrenaline Rush

Everyone loves getting a rush of adrenaline. It is something that, as humans, we are almost programmed to enjoy. Some of us are more excited by it than others, of course, but everyone loves that flutter in their stomachs and that heart pounding moment when you go on a rollercoaster, or when you are sitting on the edge of the seat during a horror film. However, some people need that extra bit of excitement, ones that can lead them to get hurt or hurt other people inadvertently. This may account for many of the high speed car crashes that end up involving auto accident lawyers.

Here, we look at five safe (ish!) ways to get the adrenaline rush that you may be craving.


#1 Cliff jumping

This is one of the most risky options on the list because it is not supervised or regulated by anyone. Cliff jumping can be done everywhere there is a cliff and water to leap into. As a result, before you go cliff diving, make sure you verify the area where you would be landing and if ther is any doubt as to what is lurking under the water or the depth, do not do it and find something else to do instead. Of course, the safe alternative to this is to find a swimming pool with a high diving board and use that instead!

#2 Scuba diving

This one isn’t a short sharp burst of excitement, but one that leaves you full of awe and wonder. You can try shallow scuba diving, but there is also the option of technical scuba diving for those who want to try something more. This involves going much deeper and does need certain levels of training and certification to be able to do. Find an instructor who is qualified in technical scuba diving and see what you can find lurking under the surface,

#3 Skydiving

This is something that features on many people’s ‘bucket lists’ as it is a safe way of getting a hit of adrenaline. It is often used as a fundraising activity for charity or good causes, so you could combine having fun with doing something great as well. For your first few jumps you will always be with a trained professional who will know exactly what to do in an emergency, so while safety is never guaranteed, it is up there as one of the safer options.

#4 Bungee jumping

Jumping off a bridge while tied to a rope sounds like the funniest thing that you could do. However, it provides roughly the same level of thrill and adrenaline as skydiving, but at a third or less of the height. Although you are not accompanied by a trained professional, you are closely observed and the equipment is rigorously checked by the corporation that runs the business.

#5 Rock climbing

Rock climbing provides you a surge of adrenaline the entire time you’re doing it, as well as a great workout. This is for the athletic thrill seekers who believe they can achieve anything. Just make sure someone knows where you are and you have the appropriate gear to keep you safe.

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