4 Interesting Alternatives To A Classic Steak Dinner

Steak is one of those classic meals that is simple but still feels special and indulgent. But people tend to prepare steak in the same way over and over. Usually, it’s either fried or grilled and served with potatoes and maybe some greens. There’s nothing wrong with that and it makes for a delicious meal, but that’s only one of many delicious ways to prepare a good steak. If you are bored with a simple grilled steak and you want to do something more adventurous with it next time, here are some great recipe ideas. 

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Steak Tagliata 

If you still want a simple grilled piece of steak but you want to do something a bit different, the classic Italian dish, steak Tagliata is the perfect choice. The steak is grilled on a high heat and then sliced. It’s usually served alongside some arugula dressed with olive oil and lemon and topped with some shaved parmesan. It’s a great option if you want to cut back on carbs because you don’t have a big pile of potatoes with it. This isn’t too far away from your normal steak dinner but the Italian twist makes it feel a bit more special. 

Steak Fajitas 

Fajitas are a great sharing food perfect for families. You can put everything in the middle of the table and dig in. People tend to make it with chicken when they do it at home, but it’s also a great way to eat steak. You can use this steak fajita marinade recipe to prepare the steak, then grill it or fry it before slicing it into thin strips. Then, make a simple salsa and guacamole to serve with it and get plenty of added extras like cheese and sour cream. It’s a more interesting way to serve your steak and it’s a great way to make fajitas feel a bit more fancier. 

Thai Steak Noodle Bowl

If you want a quick and easy recipe that is elevated to a new level with the addition of a delicious steak, try this Thai steak noodle bowl recipe. The steak is cooked in the pan before you prepare the broth in the same pan, locking all that delicious, rich flavor in. The aromatic flavors in the broth combined with the noodles help to create a steak dish that isn’t quite as heavy as a traditional steak dinner. 

Steak Tartare 

A lot of people are unsure about steak tartare because they don’t like the idea of eating raw meat or raw egg. But you should give it a try because, as long as you use high-quality steak, it’s delicious. The important thing to remember is that you need to prepare it properly without taking shortcuts because eating raw meat can make you ill if you don’t do it right. This recipe will take you through all of the steps so you can get it right. If you don’t like the idea of the raw egg, you can leave it out, but it’s definitely worth trying. 

Next time you have a delicious steak, why not try some of these more inventive ways to prepare it?

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