Female Entrepreneur Spotlight: Ikram Zein and Lyra Swimwear

Fun fact: the bikini made its debut in Paris in 1946. “Provocative” was the term used to describe it. 

Swimwear has evolved throughout the years. For some, the smaller the bikini the better. For others, modesty is key.

For years, women who preferred the latter didn’t have many options available to them. But, as they do, the times have changed. 

Let me introduce you to Ikram Zein. 

Who Is Ikram Zein?

Zein founded Lyra Swimwear in 2017 after struggling to find modest swimwear that supported her active lifestyle. She found hole in the swimwear market and filled it with her brilliant and beautiful designs. Thanks to Zein’s genius, women no longer have to wear leggings and oversized tees in the water. You can look stylish and feel comfortable and confident in Lyra Swimwear.

“LYRA looks to reflect the beliefs and values of women from all walks of life”. How beautiful is that?

Check Out These Pieces 

I wanted to share some of the gorgeous pieces in the Lyra Swimwear line. 

Lyra Swimwear is both chic and elegant while maintaining the modesty and comfort that is desired.

Whether you desire every day modesty or you’re traveling, you never have to forgo style ever again thanks to Lyra.

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