5 Ways To Boost Your Immunity

You may have noticed that the flu rates have been lower this year, which means you’ve noticed that the masks and social distancing required due to COVID is working for other illnesses that occur in the winter months. It’s a winner for those respiratory illnesses, but it’s important that you know how to look after your immunity beyond COVID and beyond the winter numbers, too. It’s vital that you consider how you can  better look after your body and while it’s important to do that in the winter, you need to do it all year around.

Your health matters, and whether you are trying to avoid the flu or you are trying to ensure that you avoid all illnesses as much as you possibly can, you need to figure out how to boost your immunity and maximize your health for the better. So, with this in mind, we’ve got five ways you can better boost your immunity and keep your immune system as healthy as possible. Let’s take a look!

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  1. Diet. Okay, so I’ll start by saying that food is NOT medicine – as in, no matter what someone tells you about alkaline diets, they don’t cure cancer. Of course, eating wholesome foods will give your body more nutrients, but that isn’t medicine. A diet high in vitamin C will ensure that you have a healthier outlook for the year ahead. You can fight off the bacteria that threatens to harm your system when you have a diet laden in fruit and veggies. You can juice and use smoothies to get your recommended daily allowance of fruit and vegetables if you’re struggling, too! Don’t forget your lean proteins and spices, too, as everything you eat has added benefits!
  2. Movement. A body that regularly exercises is a body that is fighting fit to take on all bacterial nasties. You can see the effects of exercise against your immune system when you do it regularly enough, and even a brisk walk several times a week will reduce your sick day numbers. You’ll feel better and be better as a result! Regular exercise for just 20 minutes a day will keep your heart healthy and you can lower the number of sick days that you have simply by making sure that you move more.
  3. Friendships. Did you know that your friendships are going to strengthen your immune system? Isolation raises your stress levels, which leads to you feeling low and upset more often. This affects your immune system, so jump on Zoom and pick up the phone; you need some happy hormones regularly!
  4. Shower. Comfortably warm baths, showers and a good facial cleansing routine will ensure that you can up your immunity. Frequent hand washing has proven to keep the viruses away, too, and you can carry antibacterial gel to really enhance your ability to keep the germs away.
  5. Sleep. Get into bed at a decent hour and sleep enough each night to have a good effect on your immune system. You don’t want to keep catching colds, and a good night of sleep will prevent it. Too little sleep and your white blood cell numbers will decrease, leading to issues fighting diseases.

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