The Santa Letter Your Child will Love to Receive!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Ya’ll know I love Fall, but the magic of the Christmas season makes me giddy every year. I have incredible memories as a child of Christmas time. Hot chocolate, my mom’s incredible homemade candy (which she still makes every year), the tacky tinsel (which I secretly love), the snowfall, and of course, Santa.

Speaking of the jolly guy, you’re kiddos are probably preparing their letters for the North Pole. 

Do they ever receive one back from Santa Clause?

Santa’s Letter Factory sends personalized letters to the children in your life. And they don’t stop there. 

“In every letter package from Santa Your child will receive their personalized official letter from Santa, a special map showing the route Santa will take from the North Pole to their home, an official copy showing their name, as well as the name of a friend ( must fill out on form) on Santa’s Nice list and a special Nice List Certificate, for the child to proudly display. All sent in a decorative Santa envelope mailed directly from the North Pole.

If you want even more Christmas magic you can select the Gold Christmas Package, which includes everything above as well as a door hanger with a special message for Santa, a window sticker to proudly display for Santa, a magical mix of reindeer food made by Mrs. Claus herself and a package of magic snow which makes you feel like you are in the North Pole.

Want to take it up a notch? They offer a Christmas Eve Package:

– collectible plate and mug

– a magical bell right from Santa’s suit

How cool is that?

What makes this even more special is the fact that Santa’s Letter Factory donates 10% of all profits to Toys for Tots. You’ll not only bring a smile to your child’s face, but also to so many other kids.

Ready to get your letters together for the sweet kids in your life? You can get that set up here and spread some Christmas cheer!


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