Getting Away From It All, Sometimes Helps The Most

Living in the modern world where lockdowns are sporadic, and freedom is anything but consistent, your mental health can take one hell of a beating. When you feel so down and out, it can be difficult beyond words, to find the motivation to get out of bad habits. Whether it’s going down the rabbit of bad thoughts, resorting to substance abuse, or perhaps just giving up on routine and normal days, it’s easy to fall down the well, and into a spiral of self-harm. But sometimes, the only thing and the best option you have is to get away from it all. Just how do you do this?


Living somewhere else (temporarily)

When you have a bad habit of drinking too much to cope with the stress of the world in lockdown, or just not being able to go outside anymore, you can become addicted to the bottle. This can lead to severe issues, both mental and physical. And if you stay in the same place where all of this is happening, with nowhere else to go, you can slip beyond reach. So, that’s why it’s recommended that you look up sober living homes and see how the benefit of moving into a new area, a new home and enjoying the cool amenities they have, is so popular and relieving. During your time in these homes, your treatment will be filled with care, attention, affection and integrity. They seek to focus on how you live and getting rid of habits which cling to our lifestyles.

Go for a run

It looks like lockdowns will once again become the norm. France is entering into lockdown right now, and so are other countries. The fall was always going to be tough during COVID-19 and that’s why getting outside the house to do your exercise is so valuable. Every country’s government is allowing 1 hour of fitness and or exercise time, outside the household. Use it! You should go as far as you safely can from the home, and get some fresh air. Wrap up a little warmer than usual and you should be fine in the cold weather. Start using apps like Adidas Running and find a route that is kind to the eyes and familiar to you, in your local area. Go running and find peace.

Conference call schedule

Zoom is a great conference call app and should be used for your work and personal life. Why not make a schedule? Call your friends and family and choose what times you would like to see each other via Zoom.

Monday – Brothers and sisters

Tuesday – Dad and mom

Wednesday – Nieces and cousins

Thursday – Friends

Friday – Watch a show together, with friends and family

Something along these lines would be greatly beneficial to your mental health and your personal life. It’s clear that having a routine is what allows us to focus and enjoy our time on this earth. So get moving and make a Zoom call routine!

Getting away from it all is so awesome and rewarding. Just move away from the situations that bother you. Go for a run to clear your mind, move out of your house while you’re getting treatment and consider using Zoom for calls, outside of work too.

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