4 Reasons Why You’re Feeling Tired That Don’t Include Lack Of Sleep

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Are you one of those people who have just accepted feeling tired? You lead a busy life, have kids, and often have interrupted sleep, you work hard, and basically, you don’t get enough sleep. Or are you one of those people who can’t understand why they are tired all the time? You get plenty of sleep, you go to bed early, and you sleep-in when you get the chance, but you still rely on a lot of caffeine to get you through the day, and when you get home from work in the evening, all you want to do is chill out in front of the TV before going to bed. 

There are other reasons why you might be tired that have nothing to do with sleep, so if you’re not sure why you’re feeling so exhausted, then perhaps it could be one of these four reasons:

Poor Posture

Keep reading; it’s important, and you’ll see why it makes sense. Did you know that something as simple as having bad posture can make you feel tired? This is because your head weighs about eight percent of the total body mass, and with every inch, your head goes forward, the weight of it doubles, and the muscles in your neck, shoulders, and upper back are forced to contract excessively to support your head in this strained position. When the muscles are overworked, you will not only feel pain, but you’ll feel fatigued and lack energy. Improving your posture can require more than just sitting up straight, but don’t worry; it’s not difficult to do; you can either see a specialist or download an app such as a posture corrector and breathing coach by obVus Solutions.

Poor diet

The easiest way to start feeling more awake is to change your diet and increase the amount of fruit and vegetables you eat. It’s important to get the right amount of nutrients, which you can do by eating a healthy and balanced diet, which also includes grains, protein, and dairy. If you make a conscious effort to fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables, cut down on sugar, and drink more water, you will soon notice a difference in your energy levels.  

Not Being Active Enough

When you’re feeling tired, all you want to do is to sit down and relax in front of the TV. However, the best thing to do would be to get up and get moving. It might be the last thing you feel like doing, but if you can force yourself and have the discipline to go for a run or to do a quick online work-out, you will feel re-energized and raring to go. If you’re not someone who exercises regularly already, then make sure you start slowly with a 10-minute walk each day and build up to walking fast for 30 minutes on five days a week.


With so much going on in life from work to finances, relationships, Coronavirus, and life events, it’s common to feel stressed, and while a little stress can be healthy and may make you more alert and perform better in tasks, excessive stress can lead to illness and exhaustion. Exercise is a great stress reliever, so if you feel stress building up, get moving.

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