3 Physical Stress-Busting Techniques You Should Try

We all get stressed from time to time, but these days, more and more people seem to spend a major proportion of their time in a state of chronic stress.

Obviously, being chronically stressed doesn’t feel very good, but that’s not the only downside to being in this state. All told, chronic stress is known to be seriously detrimental to your health, and can even kill you.

There are many different stress-busting techniques out there that people use to try and get themselves back on a more harmonious track. Often, though, certain direct, physical techniques and practices are likely to be the most foolproof and effective for providing quick stress relief.

Here are a few physical stress-busting techniques you should try.

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 Getting a good massage

A massage can directly help to loosen up tired muscles, shift lactic acid, and may even potentially reduce your risk of injury in the short term.

Beyond all that, though, a massage also stimulates the release of feel-good endorphins that will help to dissolve stress and leave you feeling your best, whatever else might be going on in your life at that particular moment.

Keep in mind, if you want to treat yourself to massage, you should go to a reputable and professional massage therapist and ensure that you get the best possible massage done. Quality counts, here.

If you routinely fit in the time for a good massage whenever you feel like things are getting a bit too stressful, you’ll likely find that your ability to tolerate stress and return quickly to a calm and centred state of being, increases significantly.

 Going for regular, long walks

When you go for a long walk, you not only get some healthy and sustainable physical exercise (the type that will have a positive effect, but which won’t completely wear you out), but you’ll also allow yourself a brilliant opportunity to process your own thoughts, destress, and come up with solutions to problems that may have been on your mind for some time.

Throughout history, many great authors, thinkers, and successful people in a broad range of domains, have found that walking has been essential for allowing them to perform at their peak.

So, go for regular, long walks – and try to enjoy those walks in silence, where possible. You’ll likely find that you return home much less stressed than you were when you left.

 A variety of breathing exercises

It’s been well-known for a long time that one of the best ways to reduce stress, in an acute sense, is to slow and deepen your breathing.

Beyond that basic tip, though, there are a range of breathing exercises, including a whole host of them included in assorted yoga practices, that can help you to destress and centre yourself, within only a few short moments.

Try out some different breathing exercises, and do some research on the most popular ones, in order to see which techniques might work best for you. Then, get breathing, and feel the relaxation kick in.

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