Tips for Supporting an Elderly Loved One

When you have an elderly relative, friend, or even neighbor, it’s natural to want to help and support them. You might not always be sure how you can help, especially when the person in question isn’t a parent. However, as people get older, they often require extra support to help them maintain their independence and their quality of life. You can lend your support in a number of different ways so that they benefit from your assistance. You can be there for them in person, or you can help to arrange further support if you’re not able to provide it yourself. You can even help them and their family find a safe senior living facility like Supporting them through this process will give them all such peace of mind.


Help to Arrange Care


Requiring care in old age is common, and an aging population means that it’s more common than ever. Some family members provide care for their loved ones, but there often comes a point when professional care is required. Helping to arrange that care can be something that you do, whether you are a relative or not. Of course, you should keep the person involved in their own care as much as possible. They should be able to have their say in what type of care they receive and where they live if they have the capacity to do so.


Offer Help at Home


Many people are capable of staying in their own homes as they get older. However, they can require a little extra help. Even if it’s not strictly necessary, it can help to make their lives easier. You can offer to help someone at home in any way that you’re able to. That could mean helping to cook of clean, or perhaps doing some grocery shopping, helping to care for pets, assisting with bills and paperwork, or running errands. Whatever you are capable of doing, you can offer your time, skills, and perhaps your company.


Take Steps to Protect Them


Older adults may also need some extra protection as they can be more vulnerable to being taken advantage of. For example, one way to protect them is to educate them about popular scams that they could be affected by. You should pay special attention to someone receiving outside support or who lives in a nursing home, assisted living, or a similar environment. If you suspect abuse or neglect, Chony can provide advice on what you can do to help. You should look for legal advice and understand the process for complaining and ensuring that your loved one is safe.


Help Them Stay Social


Social isolation is a big problem for older people. One of the best ways you can help someone is to provide social interaction to help prevent loneliness. There are plenty of ways to do this, from spending time with them in their home to inviting them to have dinner with you, taking them on an outing, or even talking over the phone. You could also help to arrange activities and outings that they can enjoy with other people.


Support an elderly loved one by considering the ways in which you can give your time and support them both practically and emotionally.

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