The Subtle Things That Make Your Home Gleam

It’s winter; still. It’s dark, grey, gloomy, wet and windy. Just like the weather has taken a toll on your body, your home is feeling the same pain. It’s also cold, chili and depressed. We see the wear and tear of winter very quickly in the home. Carpets and rugs get greyer, the windows get dirtier and the exterior of our homes becomes dull. All in all, what winter does best is take the shine and gleam away from the home. You may not notice it right away, but give it a few weeks and you’ll see the effects of winter bring the whole mood of your house down. The best way to fight back is to slowly bring the gleam back into your home.

Time to shine

All things made of glass should be given a fantastic cleaning session to bring them back to life. During the winter, you’re more likely to receive a bit of hard water in your home. The tap water is a bit murkier and foggy, which is due to the sheer amount of rain and soil that enters water supplies, which then needs to be cleaned with more chemicals than usual. When this water dries on the surface of the glass, it leaves behind a muggy dirty stain. You can clean your glass to a new level of sheen with a mixture of hot water and lemon juice. If this won’t work, you can utilize vinegar instead, which has a higher potency level. There are plenty of glassware cleaners but if you don’t want to leave a chemical taste on the glass, using natural ingredients is the only way to go. Use the same solution on your windows, but make sure that you’re keeping the water hot as you clean the windows outside. 

Where dirt shows most

Speaking of the exterior of your home, dirt shows up the most on white hard surfaces. Take a look at your door frames to see where dirt has dried. As it rains, tiny splashes of rainwater and debris from the ground will smatter your white window frames as well. You should use a mixture of hot water and bleach to clean these areas. The bleach won’t rub away any of the color as it might on some painted surfaces. PVC plastic can withstand hot water without bending or flexing, so you’re in no danger of damaging the seals that keep water out.

A clean happy home

The sign of any happy clean home, is a spic and span white area rug. It just looks hygienic when you have a sheer white rug that doesn’t have any grey patches or spots of dirt. If you need to breathe life back into your rug, use Green Dog Chem-Dry which uses safe natural ingredients. They utilize carbonation which extracts dirt that is tightly clinging to a surface. It’s also safe as it’s non-toxic which is crucial for a household with small children.

The subtle things that make our homes gleam are white exterior surfaces that don’t have a single drop of dirty rainwater. A nice clean white rug is also a sign that your home is sanitary. 

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