4 Rules To Live By For A More Rewarding Life

Rules: They’re meant to be broken, right? Sometimes yes, so long as you don’t get in trouble with the law. However, there are those rules that could entitle you to a more rewarding life, so they are certainly worth sticking to. 

Such as? Well, while we don’t want to overburden you with too many rules, we believe these are just some of the ideas that should be pinned to your notice board at home.

Rule #1: Keep on learning

Your learning didn’t end at the school gates! With a learning mentality, there is much you can achieve in life. If you continue in education, you can progress further in your career. You can also increase your income, as can be seen with those courses affiliated to a nurse practitioner salary. When you continue to learn, you can also increase your overall knowledge. As a wiser, more informed person, you will be able to alter the way you view life and have the opportunity to share your wisdom with others. And by learning more, you will build up your skillset for all areas of your life, be that a talent you can use at work, an ability you can use at home, or an idea that you can use to progress further in life. So, never stop learning!

Rule #2: Say yes more

Okay, so there are times when saying ‘yes’ is a bad idea. You don’t want to answer in the positive to anything that could hurt your life, especially when they relate to the unreasonable requests of another, or an action that will lead hinder your progress to kick your bad habits. However, sometimes saying ‘yes’ is a good thing. If your boss asks you to take on more tasks at work, you might find yourself in line for a promotion. If your friends ask you out on a social occasion, you might find more enjoyment in life if you make the effort to go instead of sitting in front of your television. And if you can say ‘yes’ to those activities that will push you out of your comfort zone a little, you might become a much braver and experienced woman. So, if you have the tendency to limit aspects of your life by saying ‘no,’ answer in the positive for a change, as you might have a more rewarding life as a consequence. 

Rule #3: Be kinder to others

When you’re kinder to others, you will do your bit to make the world a better place. When you see the difference you have made in somebody else’s life, you will benefit from those personal rewards that come from knowing you have done something good. If you notice the people you were kind to paying forward your kindness, you will also have that warm glow inside, as you were partly responsible for that chain reaction. You will also be rewarded by the attitude of others. There will be times when you need help and support, and if you have done your bit to show kindness to another person, you might benefit from their care and friendship right when you need it. In short, you will be rewarded for the kindness you have shown. So, drop your grumpy exterior. Cut back on your judgements and criticisms of others. Smile more, show more grace, and extend your hand of kindness to the people around you.

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Rule #4: Be grateful

Oh sure, there will be a lot for you to grumble about. You might dislike your boss, your family could be driving you up the walls, and you might not have as much money as you would have hoped. However, if you always focus on the negatives in your life, you are never going to experience the rewards that come from focussing on the positives. So, be grateful that you have a job. Be grateful that you do have a family to care for, and that you have a family who cares for you. Be grateful for the possessions you own, even if you don’t have everything you could ever want. And think about those other aspects of your life that you might sometimes grumble about, and turn your negatives around with positive thoughts. By doing so, you should see that your life isn’t as bad as you might sometimes make it out to be, and you might start to appreciate your life as a consequence. 

Today, do what you need to do to live a more rewarding life. Follow our rules, and even add a few rules of your own if you think we have made some glaring omissions. And stick to these rules if they work for you, as for your future happiness, they could be the catalyst for changing your life for the better. 

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