Put The Fun Back Into Your Weekends

The weekends are usually a time for you to enjoy yourself. We hope that you work an office job where you’re only in Monday to Friday, working a 9-5. But we know the reality is that so many people work shift patterns that mean they’re far less able to have weekends. In fact, their weekend can often become the odd weekday off. But if you’re going to get through life, you need to make sure that making the most of them whenever they do come around. You’ll not doubt admit that your weekends seem to fly by before work comes around.

We’re literally wishing our lives away all week so that we can get to those few days off. But how often do you feel like you’re making the most of it? For those of you with a family, you might feel like you’re making it a little bit more exciting. If it’s just you and your partner in the home you will no doubt become used to staying home many of the weekends. So, instead of feeling like that, we’re going to show you how you can make the most of your weekends. All you have to do is sit back and relax, and have a read of the suggestions that we have below.

Get In The Kitchen

If you were one of those people who always used to be baking when they were younger, then you’ll know how exciting it used to be. Some families were raised around having fun making simple things like cupcakes in the kitchen. And it was definitely an easy way to have a day filled with good snacks. But as we get older this love seems to die a little bit. We have to focus on everything else in our lives, and the time we have to cook just goes down the drain, let alone baking cookies and cakes.

However, when the weekend comes around you should find yourself with some spare time that you can spend in the kitchen. First, start off with baking so you can have a little fun with it. Find a recipe for something you wouldn’t usually go for, such as a lemon drizzle cake. You can then start experimenting with normal meals. When you have more time and resources on the weekend, it isn’t really a problem if the meal doesn’t turn out how you thought it would. Use ingredients that you wouldn’t usually go for, such a cabbage and spring onion to make a ramen bowl. You can learn how to cook cabbage so it’s nice and soft and so full of goodness. Half of the time we don’t experiment with cooking different foods because we don’t want to cook it wrong. But all you have to do is read the information that’s on the internet, and you’ll cook it right. It’s as simple as following some instructions.


Get Outdoors

Now is the time to get outdoors and do something with yourself which means you’re not trapped in your home all day. We know that it’s nice to be able to relax, but when it’s becoming an every weekend thing you need to think about getting out there. We have the most simple idea that we know you’re going to love. Get yourself and your partner a mountain bike, (if you have one), and go out for a few hours on the bike. You can find some amazing trails that will take you around rural areas that look amazing. Just being out in the fresh air, and doing something like biking at your own pace, is enough to make you feel great.

If biking isn’t your thing, you could even have a go at walking. There will be lovely places to eat and drink along many of the walking trails that you can go on.  There are so many more things you could do to get yourself outdoors, all you have to do is get out and try something new. Life becomes so much better when you can get the perfect balance of relaxation and be on the go.

Get A Hobby

There are so many benefits to having a hobby. Having a hobby is so important because it gives you some purpose in life. It gives you something to drive your energy into that isn’t moaning about your day, every day. Because when you don’t have something that you’re passionate about, it does become easy to feel like your life revolves around things that you don’t want to do! So think about hobbies that are really going to suit what you like. A hobby doesn’t have to be a sport, it could be art or music.

Most people jump to sports because those are what hobbies used to be based around when they were younger and if that’s what you’re into but don’t want one that’s so intense, you could get into swimming. Swimming is such a good way of being able to clear your mind after a stressful week, and you can do it all in your own time. Or we’d recommend learning a new instrument. Music can be therapy for some people, and when you really find your flow it can be an addictive hobby to have. Try picking up a guitar and see how long it takes you to master it!

Be Spontaneous

Finally, take some time to be more spontaneous. There are so many things that you can go and do on the weekend, like the cinema, or traveling down to the beach, or going for drinks. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, there’s so much more that you can do. But often we plan things so far in advance and never actually get round to doing them. So rather than needing weeks to plan, try waking up this weekend and going out to do something. Whatever floats your boat on the day. Experts say that people who are living a far more spontaneous life are far more happy with their lives overall.

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