How to Gain More Confidence

Growing your confidence isn’t something that’s easy and although some have natural confidence, for others it can feel like a challenge. However, building up your confidence can open up so many opportunities and life experiences if you manage to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way. Here’s how to gain more confidence in yourself.

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Challenge Yourself

Challenging yourself first and foremost is important and putting yourself into those situations that might scare you is essential. As much as we don’t want to put in the uncomfortable situation of giving a presentation or having to speak to strangers in a work event, it’s good to do so. Try to start off fairly tame when it comes to practicing for these big moments. If you struggle to talk to people, look around the room and find someone with a friendly face. Think of some basic questions, ask about their day and look to find a common interest. If you’re really struggling make your excuses and then move on to someone new and start over again. It’s good to challenge yourself where you can and you’ll slowly get better.

Know Your Worth

Your worth is important and knowing it can help you gain more confidence. We all have our moments in life that define us and things that we can be proud of. And as much as others would like to take this away from us, you can’t take away that feeling of worth. Only you can do that and you’re not going to when it comes to feeling good about yourself. So be strong in your knowledge of who you are and what your worth is. Work on building your worth by celebrating your successes and working on those weak points of your confidence.

Socialize More

There are lots of different ways to build your confidence, as one mentions hypnosis in this full article. The best way to gain confidence is by socializing more, so make the effort to speak to people as often as you can in the workplace, at work events and in your personal life too. It’s difficult sometimes to chat to those individuals who don’t want to talk much, so remember there’s other people out there who will like you for you. Don’t let anyone else try and knock your confidence just because they weren’t making the effort to talk to you.

Be Ready For Rejection

There will be times where you get rejected or you have those moments where something will take a knock to your confidence. It happens but when it does, be ready for what you do after. It’s going to make you much stronger and will help build that confidence back up within no time. Focus on the positives that have come from it, rather than the negatives.

Everyone is different, so don’t feel like you need to compete with everyone else to be the most confident person in the room. Be yourself and work on those areas that you feel need it when it comes to holding yourself, whatever the situation may be.

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