How to Stay Safe On a Holiday Abroad

Who doesn’t love a good holiday with a party or two thrown in? You get to meet some new people, you get to embrace the culture of a new country and you might even learn a couple of drinking games and tricks for when you return home. It’s a fantastic way to get accustomed to a country and its people, but there are some important safety tips that you need to keep in mind should you ever want to go abroad and party.

Try and go with friends if possible

When travelling and partying, there’s always safety in numbers. If you’re just going to random clubs around the city and hopping between bars, then going with a group of friends is a great way to ensure that you’re always protected and watched over. However, it’s understandable that you might be travelling alone and want to meet new people around the world. In a case like this, it’s still a good idea to try and get to know people before you go partying or arrive at an event.

For instance, if an event on social media attracted you, then you may want to ask if there’s anyone that would like to go with you or any groups that you can join. You can speak to these people before the event itself to get to know them, and then you’ll find it much easier to integrate yourself into the party life while also having someone to rely on for help and advice if you’re lost or need assistance.

Create a list of emergency contacts

Should you ever end up in a bad situation, it’s best to have some kind of contact list prepared before you leave the country. This can be something like a piece of paper in your phone case or a piece of card in your wallet that lists a couple of emergency numbers. The more places you put this list, the less chance you have of getting lost or stranded should a night go badly.

Some important numbers to include in an emergency contact list would include friends and family members, or even local numbers such as the police. If you have friends in the country, then it’s a good idea to list their numbers as well.

Understand your drinking limits

Everyone has a limit. Excessive alcohol consumption will result in a lot more than just vomiting. If you’re in an unfamiliar country and you’re getting too drunk, you might find it difficult to even get back to your hotel or Airbnb. In fact, if you’re travelling alone and somehow manage to make it back to your accommodation on your own, you might even vomit and choke in your sleep.

This is an incredibly dangerous situation so it helps if you can go back with friends or have someone watch you should you get too drunk. Alternatively, try and avoid getting too drunk in the first place. If someone is drunk enough that they can barely stand up or make their way back, then it’s excessive drinking and needs to be stopped, especially if you’re in another country. There’s no telling what could happen if you end up drinking too much and don’t have anyone to look out for you.

Keep your belongings in your accommodation

Don’t bring anything that isn’t necessary. Leave important things back at your accommodation and only bring the essentials such as a card, money, your ID, phone and emergency contact. If you have to bring quite a few things with you, such as items to freshen up in the bathroom, then it’s worth bringing a clutch bag or something similar. However, if you do bring a bag, you’ll want to make sure that you’re watching over it at all times to ensure you don’t lose it.

Thieves are masters at isolating tourists and taking their belongings when they least expect it, especially in a crowded place such as a club. If you arrive in a jacket or coat, take out any essentials then hand it to the cloakroom staff. If you’re carrying items in a bag or purse, make sure it never leaves your sight and that there’s always someone watching over it.

Drink plenty of water

Water is going to help your body stay hydrated throughout the night. Try to drink a glass of water for every major drink that you have so that you can balance out the alcohol and the water in your body. This will help you stay hydrated and avoid those nasty headaches that are associated with a hangover. You might also want to take some painkillers with you to help with headaches if you aren’t able to get enough water.

Drinking water is arguably the simplest way to minimize the chances of suffering a headache. Yes, it does mean that you need to go to the toilet more often, but it’s worth it if you can avoid a headache the next morning so you’re not groggy.

Be safe when getting intimate

Just because you’re in another country, it doesn’t mean that the rules surrounding safe sex don’t apply anymore. In fact, you should be even more careful that you’re being safer when it comes to meeting with people and potentially getting into intimate situations. You may want to consider priority STD testing in the country you’re in or as soon as you get home for added peace of mind. Always carry contraception if you do plan to be intimate with other people, and make sure you’re on the lookout for thieves and scammers that might use underhanded tactics to get you into a vulnerable situation.

This is one of the reasons why it’s best to go with friends. You can look out for each other during important times, such as if you’re being targeted by a group of shady clubbers or scam artists that specifically target tourists. Luckily, most clubs will have security measures that will keep party-goers safe, but it’s never a bad idea to be extra cautious in these kinds of situations.

Be wary of free drinks

Lastly, make sure you’re not falling victim to common scams that offer free drinks. People offering to buy you a drink don’t have to be shady individuals, but it’s still important to be on your guard so that you don’t fall victim to a predator. Make sure you get to know someone before they buy you a drink and make sure your eyes are always on the glass when it’s served to you. This is especially important if you leave your drink unattended and decide to go off somewhere.

If you have to walk away from your drink, make sure you let the bartender know so that they can look after it. They’ll likely put it away from the main bar and keep it closer to them in order to avoid anyone spiking your drink. This is a basic safety precaution that all bartenders will be willing to accommodate, especially if they notice that someone has been bothering you at the bar for a while.

Traveling is a great way to break away from your workplace so you can get out and explore, but there are a lot of safety considerations to keep in mind if you want to stay safe. As long as you follow these tips and use common sense to stay safe, you’ll find that you can enjoy an awesome clubbing holiday without putting your health or wellbeing at risk.

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