The Must-Have Gift for the Mom in Your Life

As I sit here writing this post, I just can’t believe how fast this year has flown by! My mom told me that once you become a mom, the years fly by. Chalk another one up for Linda!

If you’re a mom, you’re probably being asked: “what do you want for Christmas?”. Or if you have a special mom in your life, you’re probably wondering what to get her this year. Well, you’re in luck because I have the perfect gift idea for you!

Who Is Milky Chic?

Enter: Milky Chic! Thanks to the wonderful world of social media, I met the owner Shani, a fellow momma, who created Milky Chic when she saw a need for breastfeeding solutions for moms. When she realized that moms should have the opportunity to breastfeed in public comfortably, she created Milky Chic’s nursing poncho.

From there, her vision grew to include more products for mommy and little.

I was gifted a beautiful Milky Chic gift box and let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed. From the adorable box to all the fabulous items included, it was everything a momma needs to feel special.

Check out all the goodies I received!

Self Care for Moms is a Must

As a mom to 4, I know first hand how difficult it is to make the time for self-care. I say “make the time” because we can all do it, we just choose not to. Whether that’s from mom guilt or just plain exhaustion, moms tend to put themselves on the back burner.

As an Empowerment Coach and Self Love Expert, I am constantly preaching the importance of self-care to all women, but especially my fellow mommas. When you move yourself to the front burner and begin actually taking care of yourself, EVERYONE WINS! You have to make yourself a PRIORITY.

That’s why I want to tell everyone about different ways to do self-care. It’s not always manis and pedis and bubble baths, BUT whatever you NEED at that moment. All mommas deserve to feel special and Milky Chic is totally making mommas feel special and making them feel like a priority.

What’s Included in Your Milky Chic Gift Box?

Milky Chic has different options for different budgets, so you can easily find something for everyone! Starting at $19.99, each adorable box set will make the momma in your life feel important. Other boxes include:

If you want the “Just for You” box that I received, you can get that here!

Did I Love the Products?

Obviously! But, let me elaborate! When I opened the box, I was immediately greeted with the fantastic scents of lilac and jasmine, which came from the packet of Epsom salts. I love soaking in Epsom salts, so if they smell this good, it’s even better.

The coconut sugar scrub is fantastic on my super dry skin. And don’t get me started on this adorable donut bath bomb.

I absolutely a pretty journal. I’m constantly journaling, writing and making notes.

Get Your Box today!

You need to grab your Milky Chic gift box today. Grab one for you and one for your bestie! Milky Chic was so kind as to give my followers a special discount! Get 10% off with my code: laura10off

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