10 Clever Ways To Prevent And Treat Headaches

Most people get a headache from time to time. However, if you have headaches more often than you don’t, the problem is likely chronic. Anyone who suffers from frequent headaches like this knows how difficult life can be. No matter whether you’re working or having fun, they make it impossible to feel productive or motivated.

There are many causes for headaches, but that means there are many solutions too. Lifestyle plays a huge role in reducing the frequency and intensity of headaches. With that in mind, here are ten clever lifestyle changes you must make.

1. Turn The Volume Down

Parents aren’t right about everything, but they’d never admit that to you. That being said, they aren’t wrong all the time, either. While watching television won’t give you square eyes, listening to it too loudly can cause headaches. Because of this, you should keep your TV at a lower volume setting. In loud situations, like concerts, where you have no control over the noise, you should wear earplugs instead. If you don’t want to do this, you can always avoid concerts altogether. 

2. Make Time For Exercise

A workout isn’t the best way to treat a headache. After all, an increased pulse could make the pounding and pressure much worse. When you’re headache-free, however, regular exercise can help you stay that way. There are many reasons for this, but endorphins are most commonly credited. When you exercise, it triggers the release of endorphins in the brain. These fight pain naturally but also relieve stress, which is known to be a frequent cause of chronic headaches. 

3. Drink Plenty Of Water

Headaches are one of the first signs of dehydration. Because your body needs water to function properly, it should be no surprise that it sends pain signals to the brain when you aren’t getting enough. To make sure you drink enough, try to consume liquids throughout the day. Many people find that carrying a bottle is an effective reminder to drink more water. While coffee and alcohol contain water, they also have other ingredients that cause headaches, so should be avoided. 

4. Stick To A Bedtime

Being a couch potato does nothing for your health, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid rest entirely. Like healthy food, exercise, and water, you need regular sleep to function properly. Having too little, too much, or irregular sleep can all cause headaches. Adults need around eight hours of quality sleep for a healthy life, so stick to a bedtime. Make sure you also adopt other healthy sleep habits, like avoiding caffeine and technology for a few hours before going to bed. 

5. Kick That Smoking Habit

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you. While there are many more serious conditions of which smoking is the cause, frequent headaches can be a result of the habit. Thankfully, there are many methods you could use to quit smoking. Many people switch to vape juice and slowly lower their nicotine strength. Others decide to ditch the habit cold turkey. Whatever method you choose, a doctor can offer support and advice, so you’re more likely to be successful. 

6. Reduce Your Stress Levels

Many people smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol to lower their stress levels. Although stress is a cause of headaches, you shouldn’t take up bad habits to fight it. Instead, look for healthier ways to live stress-free. Exercise is a known stress-reliever, along with meditation. Writing down your thoughts and feelings in a journal is also effective. Make sure you also simplify your schedule. It’s difficult to ever calm down when you’re constantly thinking of what task you need to do next. 

7. Work On Your Posture

Poor posture affects the mind as much as it does the body. Being hunched over all day will not only strain the neck, head, and shoulder muscles but put you in a negative mindset. This mindset can result in stress, which would cause a headache. Making adjustments to your posture will avoid this problem and keep headaches in check. Ensure that you sit up straight and stand tall. You should also make ergonomic changes at home and work to make this easier. 

8. Check Out Those Meds

All medications have side effects listed on the box or bottle. Unfortunately, many people don’t pay attention to them. If you’re suffering from frequent headaches, then do a little research. Most medications have alternatives, which means that, if your pills are the cause of your pain, you can change them. However, you shouldn’t do this by yourself. Instead, book an appointment with your doctor and get their opinion. They may believe that the cause is something else entirely, after all.

9. Keep A Headache Diary

Headaches usually come on for a reason. That is why you should make a note of every time you suffer from one. Make sure to write the date, time of day, location, and any possible triggers. These might include foods you’ve eaten, how you slept, and what you’ve been up to. After doing this a few times, you might see patterns forming. Once you know what your headache triggers are, you can find ways to overcome or avoid them in the future.

10. Speak With An Expert

Frequent headaches can make life unbearable at times. If you’ve tried the suggestions above and haven’t seen any improvement, then you must speak with an expert. Doctors have plenty of experience with headaches, so know all the possible triggers. Many of these triggers you might not have even heard of. An expert can also suggest treatment methods and might be able to prescribe medication to you. Their help would be invaluable, so make time for a quick checkup.

Treat and Prevent Headaches

We all suffer from headaches now and then, sometimes for no reason at all. However, anyone with frequent headaches to deal with must workout the cause. The advice above is useful but isn’t a replacement for professional help. If you’re struggling to deal with your headaches alone, then make an appointment with your doctor. 

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