How to Feel More Comfortable in Front of the Mirror

Looking in the mirror can feel like a real drag on your self-esteem. You might avoid them, simply so you’re not reminded of the spot you felt on your cheek that morning, or the slight crook in your jaw that your eyes are always naturally drawn to whenever you do look. All in all, you tend to keep mirror exposure to a minimum, and try to get on with your life without a reflective input! 

But this is not a healthy way to live your life – you should be able to look in the mirror, whenever you want to, and not feel like you have to combat any kind of mental fatigue once you do! Being able to feel comfortable with your face, and how it looks in the mirror, is one of the best forms of self care, and you definitely deserve to work towards it

Those Imperfections are Minute

A quick but important point to begin with. Whatever you see when you look in the mirror is going to be magnified. You’re in search of your imperfections, and you know your face better than anyone! But when you go outside, these little ‘imperfections’ are going to be completely unnoticeable to everyone else.

And more importantly, these so-called imperfections are what make you beautiful and absolutely do not define you or your worth.

Do You Want a Fresh Look

Your hair is something that can be played and worked with a lot. You can wash it out, condition it up, and then style it however you please – one bad hair day doesn’t cancel out the magical sense of your hair, and just how much it can do for you. 

And even if you think your hair is thin, or a bit too frizzy, there’s always a new routine you can look into to soothe these problems. And hair always grows back, if you fancy cutting it off and just starting a fresh! Finding a new look that you absolutely love will instantly boost your self-esteem.

You Can Work with Your Skin!

Your skin might be a bit dry in places, and a bit patchy in others, but that’s because it’s skin! It’s not rubber or plastic – it’s an organic material that keeps you safe and sound, day in and day out. If the effects of the environment are showing on it, well, that just means it’s doing its job! 

But of course, sometimes you need to undergo a bit of skincare, or a change in routine, to help bring your self-confidence back up and put a smile on your face. And if your skin does feel or look like it needs some attention, there’s a lot you can give it. 

Buy into a new routine, or just make it a habit to wash your face night by night, and apply moisturizer and toner afterward. Even a touch of microneedling will be a huge benefit to you here, seeing as we all had acne when we were younger, and it’s not unusual to still be experiencing it now! 

Get More Comfortable with You!

Feeling comfortable when you look in the mirror can require a bit of work if you’ve spent years scrutinizing yourself. As our confidence grows, we love ourselves more and more! Want more tips on how to become more confident? Get my free confidence workbook here!

how to feel more comfortable in front of the mirror

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