The Best Tip for Setting Boundaries As a Christian

The Best Tip for Setting Boundaries As a Christian

Do you struggle with setting boundaries?

As a Christian, I struggled with this too. We are supposed to be giving, kind, and forgiving, but what happens when that’s at the expense of your mental health, safety, and family?

God is okay with us having boundaries. He has them. He doesn’t allow evil into his home, so why should you? Setting boundaries and standing up for yourself is vital. And you can do this even as a Christian.

Ask yourself: “what is my motivation?”

Ask this before speaking up for yourself and this will keep you in line and in integrity to both you and your faith.

I can HELP you set boundaries to protect your energy and do it in a way that feels good and in integrity with who you are.
I’ve helped my clients gain the confidence to stand up for themselves without feeling gross & hateful!
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