3 Simple Ways You Can look After Yourself As A Busy Mom

Even if you are putting yourself outside of your comfort zone to put yourself first for once. As a busy mom, it’s important to make sure you take some time to look after yourself and keep yourself mentally and physically well. There is no reason why you can’t feel nice, look good, be healthy, enjoy your life all while juggling your career and family. You just need to learn to balance. 

Quick Simple Ways To Improve Your Health

Below are some of the ways that you can look after yourself as a busy mom: 

Get Yourself Moving 

Whether you are looking to change your already existing routine or create a more regular one to include more exercise you should consider looking at exercises that are going to keep you motivated and try to mix it up once in a while. It’s very easy to slip out of routine with exercise when you have a family but by including it in everyday life by doing things like including the kids on your hike or swim, and doing different exercises each weekend will help to keep you on track.

This will lead to you feeling good and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you struggle to find the time for exercise it’s handy have a few weights and a go-to exercise video to get involved with. 

Feed Your Body Right 

It’s no secret that good food fuels your body and leads to great energy levels, so make sure you eat and drink what’s right for you. It’s natural to put your kids first and forget about yourself and it’s very easy to feed them well and then find yourself picking at junk. You need to remember that it’s important to nourish yourself with good foods and set a good example for later in life, your children will soon pick up that mommy eats differently to them if you don’t make good choices. This doesn’t mean that you can’t treat yourself to an evening glass of troublemaker red blend every once in a while though, you just need to make sure you stock up on healthy foods that are easy to prepare. 

Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

No, we’re not trying to be funny with this. Sleep is important and it’s commonly known that busy moms would rather ‘get it done’ while the kids are sleeping it’s really important that they get also get enough sleep. Seven to eight hours is recommended for an adult so you should really try to aim for this each night. Sleeping less than 6 hours consecutively can lead to increased appetites, depression and anxiety. Try to set yourself up with a regular bedtime routine to help you to sleep in a timely manner. Have a bath before bed, read a book, switch off any technology. It’s also a good idea to try and go to bed an hour before you want to sleep, and yes this means allowing yourself eight to nine hours of time for sleep each night. 

How Do You Care for Yourself as a Busy Mom?

Do you have any other ways of looking after yourself as a busy mom? Please share them in the comments section below. 

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