Get Yourself to the Greek (#GreekGodsAtGiant)

When I started learning about healthier foods and incorporating them into my family’s bellies, one of the first foods that I fell in love with was Greek yogurt.

If Greek yogurt isn’t a staple in your fridge yet, let me share some of the reasons why you need to get yourself to the Greek (or at least your local Giant food store).

Read on for an awesome coupon!

Why Is Greek Yogurt Great for You?

There are a ton of health benefits in Greek Yogurt. For starters, it’s an incredible source of protein. With all the protein you get from this type of yogurt, you will stay full longer and may decrease your appetite. Protein is also necessary if you’re looking to build more muscle.

Greek yogurt is also a great source of calcium and probiotics. We know that calcium is necessary for bone health. And probiotics are the good bacteria that aid in a healthy gut.

Is All Greek Yogurt Created Equal?

In short, no. For starters, many companies will label their containers as “Greek-style” which basically says “it looks like it”. These can be super misleading especially to people who are new to the game. (This actually infuriates me because so many people want to fuel their bodies with healthier options and they trust companies who are essentially lying to them just to get their business. Don’t get me started on “low-fat” labels that are full of hidden sugars!). But that’s an entirely different post!

Real Greek yogurt is low in sugar. When it becomes flavor filled containers, the sugar content increases exponentially. That’s why it’s best to buy plain Greek yogurt and add in fruits or pure vanilla extract at home for extra flavor.

Now, for the Deal!

If you want a great deal on a great Greek yogurt, you’re in luck! I have a printable coupon available to all my readers for $1 off a 24 or 32 oz. container of Greek Gods yogurt. (You’re welcome)

Print the above coupon and redeem it at your local Giant Food store.

Want extra savings? If you receive a Valpak envelope, you’ll find an additional coupon for $1 off Greek Gods yogurt, redeemable at Giant food stores!

Do You Eat Greek Yogurt?

I’d love to know how you enjoy Greek yogurt. It’s so versatile. Replace sour cream on tacos, add to your smoothies, or add your favorite chocolate superfoods and top with strawberries!

What’s your favorite way to eat Greek yogurt?

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