The Ultimate New Mom Guide: How To Take Care Of You & Your Baby After Pregnancy

The ultimate new mom guide How To Take Care Of You & Your Baby After Pregnancy
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Do you have a baby on the way? If so, odds are good you’re taking steps now to address their needs later.

Make sure you’re also preparing to address your own needs! Being a new mother may be a joyful experience, but it can also be draining. You’ll take much better care of your child if you’re also prepared to take care of yourself.

This new mom guide will help. Keep them in mind to ensure both you and your baby enjoy a healthy and happy postpartum experience.

Stock up on Essential Items

You know how important it is to buy certain items before having a child. That’s what a baby shower is for, after all. However, it’s easy to overlook items that are designed to address your postpartum needs. Don’t forget to include them on your shopping list!

A breast pump is one item all new moms should have. With a breast pump, you have the option to set a feeding schedule that fits your lifestyle, and you can store milk for later.

This helps you avoid the kind of sleep-deprivation many new mothers often experience. When you have a supply of milk stored in your home, you won’t be the only one who can handle feedings when your baby is hungry in the middle of the night.

You should also make sure you have a durable, large water bottle you can bring with you throughout your day. Staying hydrated is essential when you’re breastfeeding.

Worried about health and comfort issues, such as vaginal discharge and breastfeeding-related discomfort? Stock up on sanitary pads and natural nipple cream.

Update Your Wardrobe

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that your wardrobe will change after you give birth. Staying comfortable after having a baby is easier with flattering and comfortable clothing, like shaping leggings.

These are different than supporting tanks and other shapewear you may already own, but postpartum compression garments are must-haves for new moms. They help reduce lower body swelling, and they can stabilize your core. This results in an easier recovery period.

Prepare for Emotional Changes

You may experience a range of intense emotions after having a child. This is natural. That said, if you’re not ready for them, you could end up feeling guilty about your own emotional needs.

Don’t let this happen. Take the time to research what you can expect AFTER you’re expecting. Discuss the topic with other women you know who’ve already had children. Let important people in your life know there will be times during the postpartum experience when you’ll need to be able to express your feelings without being judged.

By learning what to expect and forming a support system ahead of time, you’ll be less bothered by your own natural emotions as you tend to your new baby’s needs.

Plan a Routine

Again, when you take care of yourself, you’re more equipped to take care of your baby. That’s why self-care needs to be a priority.

You’re more likely to prioritize self-care if you create a routine. That involves planning your diet, identifying self-care activities you can participate in as a new mother, and setting aside a quiet area within your home where you can spend some time relaxing.

Use this space to reprogram any negative self-talk that may prevent you from addressing your own needs. As a new mother, you may feel as though you’re under a lot of pressure to be superhuman. Taking a few moments every day to remind yourself nobody is superhuman is important. It’s also easier when you have a relaxing environment in which to do it.

Welcome to Mommyhood with this New Mom Guide

The joys of motherhood are real. However, so are the stresses. They’ll be much less likely to take a toll on your mental, emotional, and physical health if you plan accordingly. Use this new mom guide to help you along your new journey!


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