Save Money and Look Fabulous!

I remember being a little girl and getting into my mom’s makeup. It was so fun to pretend and dress up. As a girl mom, I also love (well, usually lol) seeing my sweet girls play in my makeup. The excitement on their faces when they do their makeovers is priceless.

As an adult, I still love playing in makeup. I also love saving money, so when I can do both of those things, I’m one happy Momma!

One of my favorite places to buy cosmetics (and everything else) is Walgreens. It has a similar magnetic field that Target has. I walk in and end up wandering around looking at everything.

Favorite Milani Products

It’s hard to pick only a couple products, but I wanted to showcase a few that you can find at your local Walgreens store.

I love oils. I was hesitant to try them in the past because I just assumed they would make my face, well, oily. Boy, was I wrong. I started finding great oils and have never looked back.

Milani has a fantastic prep + brighten rose facial oil. Fast absorbing and weightless, this oil is a great addition to your skin routine. Bonus: it can also be used on your hair and skin. I love multi-functional products!

Another awesome product is mascara! As a woman with lighter eyelashes, I love a great black mascara that makes my eyes pop! Check out this Milani mascara.

save money and look fabolous at Walgreens

Save Money Today!

You can save money today on your next Milani cosmetics purchase. Print off this coupon and Save $1 when you buy any one (1) Milani product at Walgreens! (coupon expires 5/30/19)

I want to know! What are your must have beauty products?

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