Health Boosts to Help You Feel Better Today

We all have days where we are feeling a little under the weather. There is nothing specifically wrong, but instead, we just don’t feel as bouncy and wonderful as usual. Modern life is very demanding, and while we are surrounded by plenty of amazing things like mobile phones, great computers (which mean we can work from anywhere), and of course things like immunizations that protect us longer term – there is a still a lot to do in a day.

Full-time job, part-time job, kids, commutes, cleaning, getting 8 hours rest, and meeting your social commitments isn’t all that easy. It becomes less easy if you begin to get dips in your energy levels.

So let’s talk about a few little things you can do to boost your health.

Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

Watch Reruns

It sounds a bit like hooey, but watching reruns lets your mental energy recoup. Why? Well, watching a rerun of a show or movie that you’ve seen requires no effort to follow the plot and keep up with what is happening. You are free to enjoy the interactions between the characters and not give too much mental space to it. So if you have had a long day then kicking back watching those Friends or Scrubs episodes might be precisely what you need.

Laugh – A Lot

If you have a few friends that are utterly hilarious, it is time to book some time with them.  You know those moments where you’re laughing so hard you can breathe, your sides hurt, and the tears roll down your face? Those. They release a mass amount of endorphins that, in turn, gives you a strangely higher pain threshold. That and endorphins are the feel-good hormones, the more you have, the more energetic and happy you’re going to feel.


It might be talking therapy, it could be getting a serious vitamin boost at an IV bar. There are a lot of different treatments that work for millions of people. We all have things that we want to discuss in more detail, or some alternative therapies we are interested in. Hopi ear candles are a popular choice, as is acupuncture. If you suffer from migraines or lousy posture, then it might be worth seeing what you can do that doesn’t involve pharmaceuticals.


If you are lucky enough to live close to a nature reserve, then you might like to start taking regular walks. It allows your brain to turn off, and relax, and process things without being interrupted. Swimming is also a gentle exercise that you can work into your weekly, or daily routine that will allow you to unwind, up your movement and turn up the flow on those endorphins too.


Listening to your favorite music while you relax or even while working calms you. Or you can use it to expel excess energy and dance around the room. If you haven’t got a playlist, then it might just be time to sit down and put one together. Aim for around 2-3 hours of music to stop you getting bored too quickly.

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