Beat Stress Naturally

Beat Stress The Natural Way

For many people who suffer from extremely high levels of stress, their doctor might be their first port of call. However, not everyone wants to see a medical professional, as they fear being prescribed pills and tablets that they would rather not take. Is there a way to beat stress naturally?

Thankfully, there is! In fact, there are quite a few ways you can naturally tackle stress and anxiety, and many people prefer these alternatives to medical treatment. Read on for some of the best natural remedies that can beat all kinds of stress.

Hug Someone

If you are feeling a bit stressed or anxious, you should try hugging someone! This isn’t quite as crazy as it might sound – when you hug someone, your body will release the love hormone oxytocin which is known for bringing down stress levels. In fact, any way you interact with loved ones should release this very important chemical in the body. So, you might also want to try calling an old friend or doing a good deed for a friend or relative.


Many people who suffer from long-term stress and anxiety believe that keeping a journal really helps them stay in control of their thoughts and feelings. Plus, it can help you to pinpoint exactly what it is that you are stressed about. You can then try to tackle the source of the stress directly.

Do Some Yoga

Yoga is often said to be a great natural cure for stress because of the breathing exercises you need to do while holding the various poses. These breathing techniques can help to focus the mind and relax it. In fact, doing any kind of exercise is a great stress beater as it will boost the number of endorphins in your body, which are nature’s antidepressants!

Take Some Supplements

Did you know that there are some daily supplements that might help improve your mood and stress levels as well? Studies have shown that supplements that contain lemon balm can help people control their anxiety much better. Green tea is also thought to be a natural relaxant, as has valerian root. It’s worth asking a homeopath specialist about the best natural daily supplements to take for your stress or anxiety. They will be able to review your unique situation and come up with the best solution for you.

Cut Back On Caffeine

One further point to make is that you should cut down on food and drinks that are known to trigger anxiety or increase stress levels. One particular drink that you should be very wary of is caffeine. It’s a good idea to stay well away from coffee and energy drinks as they have been linked to very stark increases in people’s stress levels. If you need more energy in your day, it’s best to sip on green tea for a natural boost.

Beat Stress Naturally

If you want to beat stress naturally, these steps are a great way to start. Depending on your level of stress or anxiety, speaking to your doctor is still a great idea.


  1. Aika says:

    I’m so glad I’ve found this post! I’ve been so stressed out lately and not knowing what to do to relieve that stress is what makes it more stressful for me. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips!

    1. lauranau17 says:

      You’re so welcome!

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