Look Good, Feel Better: Get to a Better You

look good, feel better Get to a Better You

When it comes to improving yourself and your way of life, there are plenty of things you can consider that will help you with this. It’s crucial to make sure you are focused on improving who you are and how you feel. And, there are a lot of things you can do to achieve this, but it is crucial that you make sure you have ideas that will help you look good and feel better.

The more you can do to improve your way of life and boost your health moving forward, the more you will benefit from this as a result. That means you need to have some kind of system or strategy in place that is going to help you achieve this as much as you possibly can. These are some of the best health kicks and lifestyle changes you can start making right now.


One of the things that so many people seem to overlook these days is the importance of self-care. Looking after your mind and body is absolutely crucial, and you have to put yourself in the best position to achieve this. There are a lot of things that play a part in self-care, and it is really important that you get your head sorted. Too many people focus on physical health, and not enough on mental health, but it is important to think about both.

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Healthier Diet

It is important to try to observe a healthier diet as much as you possibly can. This means thinking harder about what you eat and what you are putting in your body. Start to cut down on the amount of takeout you are having, and click here for help reducing your booze intake. Ditching the junk food and focusing on being more healthy is something you need to make sure you get right as much as you possibly can.

Get Plenty of Rest

Rest is a crucial part of looking great and feeling amazing, and this is why you have to make sure you are getting enough of it. There are so many wonderful ways of getting more rest, and you may like to look at making changes in the bedroom to ensure you have the best night’s sleep possible. Also, making sure you aren’t overdoing it and burning the candle at both ends is massively important as well.


Technology plays such a massive role in all our lives these days, but it is sometimes a good idea to have days without the use of technology. This is something that is massively important as a way of taking a break and enjoying other aspects of life. Also, through technology and the internet, we often compare our lives with other peoples, and this can sometimes bring us down. Having a tech-free day is great for helping nurture the mind in other ways.

Look Good and Feel Better

Think about using these ideas to try to take things further and improve the way you live your life. We all want to look good and feel better. These things play such big roles in your well-being as well. So, try to make sure you think about implementing these ideas to help you improve the way you live your life, and make you a much happier person as a result.

Healthy Lifestyle Changes You Can Start Making Today!

healthy lifestyle changes you can start making today

Recently you haven’t been feeling your best and you want to make some changes to your lifestyle. Your confidence is low and you don’t have any energy, so you know it is time to make a change for the better. The truth is, you need healthier habits in your life right now. You know you drink too much alcohol and you haven’t cooked a healthy meal in months. By making a few healthy lifestyle changes you will be able to feel better about yourself and live a longer, happier life.

Cutting out Alcohol

Many people can be suffering from an alcohol addiction without even realizing it. If you lean on alcohol to cheer you up when you are feeling down or you use it to mask your emotions then you might want to consider an alcohol detox center for women. Having the occasional glass of wine with friends is very different from having an addiction so seek out advice from a specialist if you are unsure where you stand personally. Reducing your alcohol intake will help you with any weight problems and it will also save you a lot of money in the long run! Choose to take up another hobby instead of drinking and you won’t feel like you are missing out on any fun.

Exercise More

If you aren’t living an active lifestyle then you might want to consider boosting your exercise regime. You don’t have to be a full blown gym bunny to partake in regular exercise. Join a local dance class and enjoy busting some moves with your friends; you won’t even realize how much exercise you are doing if you are having fun. By increasing your physical activity you will notice that your mood is uplifted and you will have a healthier heart.

Eat Nutritious Meals

Perhaps you are a fast food fan who rarely cooks a nutritious meal; over time this can have a huge impact on your health and you will start to feel any negative side effects. Try to increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables and make full use of your lovely kitchen. There are so many delicious meals you can make even if you aren’t an expert chef. Find a handful of dishes that you enjoy and you will always have a quick and easy go-to meal for those lazy days when you can’t be bothered.

Practice Mindfulness

Being mindful can help you to feel calmer and cooler on a daily basis. When you are eating a meal, going for a walk or even traveling to work you should take in the world around you and enjoy the moment. Put down your mobile phone and reduce your screen time whenever you can. This will give you a greater appreciation for life and you will start to feel much better about yourself.

Start Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes Today!

The sooner you make these small tweaks to your lifestyle the better you will feel overall. No matter what your personal problem is, you will be able to improve your wellbeing over time.  I know what it’s like to have unhealthy lifestyle habits that prevent you from being your best. If you want to learn more about how I made these changes, check out this post!


Why Sam’s Club Rocks (plus a giveaway!)

why sam's club rocks

Chances are you’ve heard of Sam’s Club. I’ve actually been a fan basically my entire life. I remember going with my mom when I was a little girl and thinking it was so fantastic. As a mom, I have an entirely new appreciation for the large store. Sam’s Club is a great place to go for bulk items, great deals, and even new tires. What?! But seriously, you can get crazy big boxes of diapers and wipes at a great price. (This can eliminate the late night store runs when you run out.)

I also love the bakery department. Check out this gorgeous cake we got the twins for their birthday this year! Gorgeous and DELICIOUS!

What Is Sam’s Club?

So, what is Sam’s Club? Sam’s Club is a chain of retail warehouse clubs that are “member only”. This means that not just anyone can walk in and shop. You must have a membership. You can get great values on so many things.

  • TVs
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Prescriptions
  • Electronics
  • Auto/Tire
  • Mattresses/Furniture

You name it, you can probably find it here and at a great value. You can now shop in-store and online, so it’s even more convenient in case there isn’t an actual location near you. You can still get a membership and enjoy all the perks by shopping online and having it delivered to your door.

What’s So Great About a Sam’s Club Membership?

So what’s so special about having a club membership? Becoming a Sam’s Club member has so many benefits for everyone.

Benefits of Being a Sam’s Club Member:

  • Warehouse Prices: Get all your bulk items, top brands and more for less.
  • Exclusive Instant Savings Offers: Enjoy extra offers on top of already low members-only prices.
  • Guaranteed Value: Love your membership or your current yearly fee will be refunded in full.
  • Faster, Easier Shopping: Ship the checkout lines with Scan & Go, order ahead with Club Pickup or shop on the go with the Sam’s Club app.
  • Remarkable Quality: Find a large selection of fresh and organic produce, USDA choice meats and fresh-baked goods.

Perks for New Moms:

  • Everyday low prices on everything needed for babies & toddlers, including diapers, food, toys, and gear.
  • Convenient options like Scan & Go, Club Pickup and a subscription service to make getting all of the essentials as quickly and simply as possible.
  • Check out the awesome Baby & Toddler selection that Sam’s Club offers!

Sign up for your Sam’s Club Membership here and enjoy all the perks and offers available to new members!

Why Sam’s Club + Giveaway!

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How To Focus On A Healthy Recovery

Focusing On A Healthy Recovery

Whether you’ve been injured or had an operation, or you’re currently working to overcome some kind of bad habit or addiction, you’re going to want to do all you can to make sure you’re recovering in a healthy and happy way. You want to be able to wake up in the morning and smile, at the very least, knowing the day ahead is going to bring you one step closer to the lifestyle you want to live.

So with that in mind, here’s a couple of the best tips for focusing on a healthy recovery, and how you can shape yours to be perfect for the person you want to be on the other side.

Air Your Concerns

It’s not healthy, during a recovery period especially, to ignore all the negative thought processes. You shouldn’t have to handle anything like this on your own.

Even if you don’t want to worry your partner with what’s going on in your head, be sure to write your thoughts down in a journal, or speak straight to your doctor about them. Maybe you don’t want any more fuss, maybe you just want to sit easy and rest on your own – no matter your personality or temperament, you shouldn’t do it alone. You need to get this kind of energy out of your system, as it can really pile on the stress, and that doesn’t do any of your recovering organs any good!

Be Sure to Reach Out

Reaching out for some tangible support or practical solutions is another great option for a healthy recovery. Maybe you’re needing to focus on how well you can walk or maybe you’re trying to gain better control over your arms. Maybe you’re battling some kind of bad habit or addiction. Either way, there’s a professional out there who can offer advice or a center you can enter to try new activities.

Let’s say you’re looking for something like a cocaine addiction treatment – you can already think of all the relevant centers in your own hometown that could take care of something like this! You don’t have to suffer in silence, especially if you’re worried about your own progress. There’s always another treatment plan you can look into.

Focus On a Healthy Recovery

Your recovery is one of the most important times of your life. You shouldn’t let anything distract you away from making a healthy one. Talk to people, reach out for some practical support, even just open your day with some therapeutic journaling! Help yourself and you’ll be better in no time.

Don’t Let a Health Condition Take You Over

Don't Let a Health Condition Take You Over

It’s just so easy for this to happen. Once you get labeled with a health condition, you feel as though that is all you become known for. But who really knows you for only having a health condition? Think about your friends, family, the people you work with. Do you really think that as soon as they see you, the first thing they think is, ‘oh, that’s the girl with a ____.’ No, they don’t. But of course, when there’s something wrong with you and you just don’t feel right, you’re never going to feel as though people aren’t judging you. Or are you? We don’t think anyone should live a life where they feel different because of an issue. We think people should be able to live freely, shine brightly as they always should do, and live a full and happy life. If your illness is taking away your shine away, then have a read of our post, and see if we can put some of that shine back into your life.

Don’t Let Your Illness Win

This is the first thing that needs to be made clear. If you’re letting your illness control you, then there’s no way that you’re going to be able to let your shine come through. To ensure your illness doesn’t win, you need to make sure you’re focusing on the problem at hand. So, think about what it is that’s wrong with you, and think about all of the things that you might be doing to make it worse. For example, let’s talk about stomach disorders. It’s so common for people to have a simple stomach disorder, such as IBS, but for it to turn into something serious.

Some people suffer so seriously with IBS that they’re not even able to go about their daily lives without suffering in pain. It can cause bloat, stomach ache, and a nasty stomach. But, we don’t exactly make it easy for ourselves. A lot of people with IBS still eat a varied diet, with aggravating foods such as takeaways. If you have any form of stomach disorder, you need to make sure that you’re sticking to a clean diet and exercising. For conditions such as IBS, it has been proven that exercising can actually help to reduce symptoms!

Don’t Feel Different

If you’re letting it take your shine away, you’re probably letting it back you feel different. As soon as you let it make you feel different, you’ll begin to feel like you’re isolated from the rest of the world. But think about how many people know you have your medical condition, and what they actually know about it. Even if they do know, think about what they might actually be thinking.

Do you think they’ll be thinking negative thoughts, or do you think they’ll be feeling a lot of sympathy for you? Don’t ever feel different just because you have something wrong with you. Chances are, pretty much everyone around you has a little something going on with their body that’s different to the norm.  Don’t act any different, and don’t do anything different with your life as much as your illness will allow. This will help to ease you into social situations and make you happy with who you are as a person.

Find A Way To Shine

Finally, you need to find a way to shine. If you’ve been suffering for a while now, chances are that you’ve pushed yourself away from social situations. Or perhaps, you haven’t been as willing to participate in things that you’ve always wanted to do. Take sports as an example. Sometimes, playing sports is the last thing that you want to do if you’re feeling run down.

But, there might be so many benefits to it if you actually give it a go. Even if you are feeling a bit down, put yourself out there. Doing something you like is going to be so uplifting for you! Just think about anything that you find uplifting and fun, and find a way to turn it into a hobby. It could even be something that you’re able to do from the comfort of your own home, such as blogging or Youtubing!

Five Ways You’re Neglecting Your Health Without Even Realizing

Five Ways You're Neglecting Your Health Without Even Realizing

You might think that you’re a reasonably healthy person, but it’s likely that you’re neglecting your health without even knowing it. Check out these five things you may be doing and how you can change things up!

Skipping Breakfast

Some people really struggle when it comes to breakfast. And it’s understandable, when you’re up early and need to be out of the door, eating can feel like the last thing on your mind. Maybe it’s a time issue or perhaps you can’t stomach much in the morning, but it’s important that you make a change here. If you prep quick and easy to eat breakfasts ahead of time, you can grab something and know that you’ve got some nutrition in which will prevent you from overeating later on. You could put some overnight oats in the fridge ready to grab, or make some healthy breakfast pancakes (check out my favorite recipe here) and eat one on your commute. Even piece of fruit and a yogurt makes a good quick breakfast and is something most people can stomach.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

One way most of us neglect our health is by not getting enough sleep. There’s no denying we’re all busy, and it can be tricky finding enough hours in the day to get things done. But it’s important to prioritize, a lack of sleep can lead to both short and long-term health conditions. Make it your goal to start getting to bed earlier, you’ll feel the benefits throughout your entire life.

Canceling Your Doctor’s Appointments

It’s easy to think, ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ and skip out on your health checks. However, attending a dentist every six months will spot any problems before they come painful or expensive. If you wear glasses, not only is the opticians useful for the latest eye trends but having your eyes examined can spot changes to your vision- as well as your overall health. Cancer screenings such as pap smears and mammograms can catch changes early before there are even symptoms. In many cases, this can save your life.

Wearing the Wrong Shoes

It might seem like such a simple thing, but wearing the wrong shoes can cause all kinds of problems. Corns and calluses, toe deformities, they can even cause a backache. Without the right support, you can develop plantar fasciitis which is a painful condition where the band of muscle underneath the foot experiences micro tears. In some cases, it can leave you being barely able to walk. Have your feet measured so you know your size, and choose shoes that are comfortable and supportive.

Spending Too Much Time Indoors

We have been dubbed as the ‘indoor generation.’ And it’s easy to see why, since the rise of the internet much of our work and play is now done online. Spending too much time indoors is bad for a number of reasons, the first is lack of activity. Chances are you don’t get too much walking or movement in when you’re confined to a home or workplace; studies have shown that sitting for prolonged periods is incredibly damaging- even if you do regular exercise! The second reason is that spending too much time indoors can lead to a vitamin D deficiency, while this is a vitamin we can get from our diet it’s most easily absorbed from the sun.

Hiding out indoors can mean we end up deficient, which can eventually lead to bone and skeletal issues. Finally, too much time indoors can be bad due to the air quality. Indoor air can be high in pollutants, from wood and cooking smoke to tobacco, cleaning products and more. If you know you spend a lot of time indoors, get yourself up and about as much as possible.

Are You Neglecting Your Health?

It’s easy to find yourself neglecting your health. By making simple changes to your lifestyle, you can boost your health. Find more great tips for improving your health here.

Give Your Body a Boost This Winter

Give Your Body a Boost This WInter

At this time of year, you may find that your body does not look or feel its best. There’s just something about the change in the weather that can make us all feel a little bit crappy. And if you’re starting to feel cold, and your skin is looking a little dry, your energy levels are dipping, and you just feel off, you know it’s not the ideal situation to be in. However, unless you actively commit to doing something about it, that won’t change. You need to make sure that you take charge of your situation and that you make sure that your body gets a boost. So let’s take a look at some of the things you can do for this.

Drink More Water

So the very first thing that you should do is make sure that you’re drinking more water. And yes – more than usual. If you know that you are not feeling great, you could be dehydrated. And even if you’re not, the increase in your water intake will only ever do you good. So start to think about how you’re going to do this. Taking a bottle around with you everyone is one of the best ways.

Look After Your Skin

You also need to be a little more proactive about your skincare. We all know that our skin has different needs at different times throughout the year – and that can vary by season. So be more hands-on during the winter months. Look for homemade face mask ideas that can give you a natural boost. Try new products. Really pamper your skin and see what a difference it can make.

Recharge Your Body

Next up, you need to make sure that you’re giving your body the energy that it needs. And it’s really easy to believe that you’re just feeling lethargic for no reason. But you need to exercise for energy. This could be something like Tai Chi For Health Institute or playing a sport or even going to a gym. You just need to find out what works for you. If you focus on being energized, then you will find that this works wonders for your health.

Take Care Of Your Hair

If you want to have healthy hair, you do also need to make sure that you’re putting a bit more energy into caring for it too. You may need to switch up your products, reduce your heat styling, and use more masks to get it into a great condition.

Get Better Sleep

Then the last thing that you can do for yourself, is to make sure that you’re able to sleep a lot more. And get a better quality of sleep too. It’s essential to help you have more energy, and to help you to boost your skin, your hair, and help your nutrition work a lot more too. Hydrating can help you here and exercise is also great to give you a better quality of sleep. So make sure that you’re thinking about what you can do to solidify your sleep.

Give Your Body a Boost This Winter

The cooler temperatures can have a toll on your body, so it’s important to know how to give your body a boost this winter. If you love winter like I do, check out my favorite reasons why winter is great!