Five Ways You’re Neglecting Your Health Without Even Realizing

Five Ways You're Neglecting Your Health Without Even Realizing

You might think that you’re a reasonably healthy person, but it’s likely that you’re neglecting your health without even knowing it. Check out these five things you may be doing and how you can change things up!

Skipping Breakfast

Some people really struggle when it comes to breakfast. And it’s understandable, when you’re up early and need to be out of the door, eating can feel like the last thing on your mind. Maybe it’s a time issue or perhaps you can’t stomach much in the morning, but it’s important that you make a change here. If you prep quick and easy to eat breakfasts ahead of time, you can grab something and know that you’ve got some nutrition in which will prevent you from overeating later on. You could put some overnight oats in the fridge ready to grab, or make some healthy breakfast pancakes (check out my favorite recipe here) and eat one on your commute. Even piece of fruit and a yogurt makes a good quick breakfast and is something most people can stomach.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

One way most of us neglect our health is by not getting enough sleep. There’s no denying we’re all busy, and it can be tricky finding enough hours in the day to get things done. But it’s important to prioritize, a lack of sleep can lead to both short and long-term health conditions. Make it your goal to start getting to bed earlier, you’ll feel the benefits throughout your entire life.

Canceling Your Doctor’s Appointments

It’s easy to think, ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ and skip out on your health checks. However, attending a dentist every six months will spot any problems before they come painful or expensive. If you wear glasses, not only is the opticians useful for the latest eye trends but having your eyes examined can spot changes to your vision- as well as your overall health. Cancer screenings such as pap smears and mammograms can catch changes early before there are even symptoms. In many cases, this can save your life.

Wearing the Wrong Shoes

It might seem like such a simple thing, but wearing the wrong shoes can cause all kinds of problems. Corns and calluses, toe deformities, they can even cause a backache. Without the right support, you can develop plantar fasciitis which is a painful condition where the band of muscle underneath the foot experiences micro tears. In some cases, it can leave you being barely able to walk. Have your feet measured so you know your size, and choose shoes that are comfortable and supportive.

Spending Too Much Time Indoors

We have been dubbed as the ‘indoor generation.’ And it’s easy to see why, since the rise of the internet much of our work and play is now done online. Spending too much time indoors is bad for a number of reasons, the first is lack of activity. Chances are you don’t get too much walking or movement in when you’re confined to a home or workplace; studies have shown that sitting for prolonged periods is incredibly damaging- even if you do regular exercise! The second reason is that spending too much time indoors can lead to a vitamin D deficiency, while this is a vitamin we can get from our diet it’s most easily absorbed from the sun.

Hiding out indoors can mean we end up deficient, which can eventually lead to bone and skeletal issues. Finally, too much time indoors can be bad due to the air quality. Indoor air can be high in pollutants, from wood and cooking smoke to tobacco, cleaning products and more. If you know you spend a lot of time indoors, get yourself up and about as much as possible.

Are You Neglecting Your Health?

It’s easy to find yourself neglecting your health. By making simple changes to your lifestyle, you can boost your health. Find more great tips for improving your health here.

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