Essential Habits For Healthier Teeth

essential habits for healthier teeth

When it comes to your teeth, there are some bad habits you really do need to avoid. From eating too many sweets to drinking fizzy sodas, you will be fast-tracking your way to the dentist faster than you can say “Ouch, my teeth hurt!” For better oral health, you need to get in the habit of avoiding those things that are bad for your pearly whites and start concentrating on good habits that will protect your teeth from decay and cavities. Check out these essential habits for healthier teeth 

Brush your teeth regularly

Okay, so this isn’t a surprise to anybody, but ask yourself this. How many times a day do you brush your teeth? And when we say brushing your teeth, we mean doing it properly, and not some rush-job when you would rather be doing something else. You need to brush your teeth at least twice a day, but as a rule, you should also give your teeth a good clean after mealtimes when possible. And don’t forget to brush your teeth at night. Sure, you’re tired, but with all the germs and plaque that has accumulated during the day, you are especially vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease when you are getting your nightly kip.

Replace your toothbrush

The bristles on your toothbrush become frayed over time, and so your brushing will lose its effectiveness. Experts suggest we should change our toothbrush every 3-4 months, so ensure you make a mental note of when you need to buy something new. Alternatively, sign up to a manual toothbrush subscription, and you will never be short of a new toothbrush again.

Don’t forget to floss

Many of us neglect to floss, but we do so at our peril. Flossing is the best way to get rid of all those pieces of food that have become stuck between your teeth, and it also removes any plaque that has built up during the day. You know all this already, of course, as your dentist has probably lectured you on the subject. So, to avoid being told off again, pick up some dental flossers from your local pharmacy, or consider a water flosser if you’re resistant to the stringed alternative.

Drink plenty of water

You already know that water is good for you, but it is also the best beverage for your oral health. Particularly after eating, a glass of water is a useful way to wash away any residue and food acid from what you have been eating. This will give you a better smelling breath and will reduce the chances of tooth decay. So, carry a bottle around with you, and opt for good old-fashioned H20 instead of those drinks that will damage your teeth, such as tea, coffee, and sugary soda.

essential habits for healthier teeth

Be wise with your food choices

Some foods are actively good for your teeth, so choose them over anything that could hinder your oral health, such as these unhealthy offerings. Foods that are rich in calcium and phosphorus will strengthen your tooth enamel, so opt for such foods as yogurt and cheese (for calcium), and red meat and eggs (for phosphorous). Crunchy foods can stimulate saliva and neutralize the bacteria that causes plaque, so add plenty of raw fruits and vegetables to your shopping basket. Foods rich in Vitamin C are good for gum protection, so consider such food items as oranges, strawberries, and kale. And for more information, consult this food guide for a detailed description of what you should be eating on a regular basis.

Book an appointment with a dentist

If you have followed the rest of the advice in this article, you shouldn’t be afraid of booking your next appointment. Your visit should be less expensive, and you won’t have to listen to yet another lecture on what you should and shouldn’t be doing. Still, if there any prevailing issues with your teeth and gums, your dentist will be able to get on top of them at an early stage to prevent further damage. So, whether you fear your dentist or not, ensure you book at least two appointments a year, although contact him sooner if you suffer pain or notice any symptoms of tooth decay in the meantime.

Essential habits for healthier teeth

Don’t neglect the health of your teeth. You need them, not only for eating purposes but for your beautiful smile too, which will boost your self-confidence. Implement these essential habits for healthier teeth. And cut out those bad habits that you know will ultimately harm your teeth. You will only suffer the painful consequences otherwise, in both your mouth and in your bank balance!

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