Reaching Your Goals

reaching your goals

When you have the drive and passion to succeed, your targets will be limitless. Forget about the ceiling because you want the stars and the moon and the entire universe. One problem with this mentality is the instant success – you might not have any. As a result, it’s easy to think you’re miles behind the targets you’ve set to propel your career first. And, this leads people to take drastic measures to get back on track. Reaching your goals (and the moon and stars) is your prerogative, but it’s important not to forget a few basic things on your journey. 

What’s Your Deadline?

“I want to be the youngest billionaire that’s ever lived.” This is the thought running through your mind and it’s ruining your chances of ever reaching the nine zeros mark. Why? It’s because of the pressure of the deadline. Mark Zuckerberg and Gustav Magnar Witzøe did it in their early twenties – how old are you? If you’re before or passed that number, there’s no reason to let it dictate your decision making. The big picture is to reach the milestone at any point in your life, not by the time you’re 24. In the meantime, act rationally, learn, and play the long game.

You’re In Charge

No one is going to throw a couple of million bucks in your lap and say “here you go.” Instead, the world is going to make it tough to find the capital to fund your dreams. Still, there is nothing worse than making excuses and admitting defeat without trying. So, entrepreneurs who are desperate to emulate Warren Buffett need to check out homes for sale and the stock market and take the plunge. Only when you make the first step of a long journey will it start. Know that you’re in charge of your dreams and only you can make them happen.

There Are Deal Breakers

The idea of a stellar career in finance or technology or any field is high on the list, but how high? What are you willing to give up to get to the top? People don’t see it, yet Bezos and Gates and Spiegel had to put their job before their family. It takes a lot of hard work to keep a relationship going when the people you love aren’t #1. And, that’s just one aspect. Young people might want to travel or party or generally have fun. If the latter is more important than making a fortune, then it’s time to reassess your goals. What are you willing to sacrifice in the short term to reach your long term goals?

It’s Not Only Analytical

Numbers count for a lot, especially in this day and age, but they aren’t everything. To reach the top, it’s important to be a people person who can get others on board. Otherwise, you’ll be vulnerable and no one will have you back. This is an essential piece of info to factor in because not all career-driven men and women are charming. Lots are socially awkward. Those who fall into the latter category have to work hard to the backing and respect of their peers.

Reaching Your Goals

This sort of mindset is how to reach your goals or rearrange them into something achievable. If you have goals that you want to accomplish, but need accountability to stay on track, you should consider getting a coach. I’d love to chat with you about becoming your accountability coach.

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