Why I’ll Never Quit

Why I'll never quit

Today, I had one of those moments. Kind of like a gut punch moment that ended in tears. Tears that I just didn’t expect. And of course, they keep coming as a write this.

When you find your purpose, you want to spread it immediately with such excitement and fearlessness. Sometimes, I think that can be misconstrued.

Let me be clear, my mission in this life has never changed. Ever. It has narrowed down and become more specific but it has never changed.

My goal is to help women and girls love themselves. I want you to know that you’re freaking worthy and beautiful. I want you to know that you deserve to feel your best.

When I became a mom, I knew immediately that God gave me these girls to love, support and empower. All the struggles from my past were put there to help we lead a new generation to truly know their worth.

How do I believe we find that worth and confidence?

Through things that make us feel good.
Through shifting our thoughts.
Through creating the life we want.
Through finding movement that we enjoy.
Through finding foods that make us feel good.
Through finding a balance that lets us enjoy all the things.
Through loving ourselves as we are but knowing it’s okay to want to improve.

The Empowered Life Initiative

I KNOW without a doubt that I can help other women. I’ve been doing it and will continue to. I can’t help all the women and girls, but with The Empowered Life Initiative, I can envision the ripple effect that it will have.

I’m so damn tired of seeing women and young girls struggle with themselves. It pisses me off because I know what it’s like and I know that with work, you can become stronger. But you have to want it. No one can do it for you. But I can walk with you. Coach you. Encourage you. Cheer you on. Love on you. And give you tough love when you need it.

If you’re ready to find your confidence and balance, let’s work together and make that happen. Fill out this quick form or email me at laura@nauandforever.com.

Talk soon Gorgeous! ❤️

Simple Steps to Beating Bad Habits

Simple Steps to Beating Bad Habits

Bad habits are just a fact of life and we all have them to a certain degree. Whether it’s sticking to the couch like glue after a long day of work, eating too much sugar, or finding it impossible quit smoking – most of us are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves. Beating bad habits is a desire of many.

Luckily, quitting those bad habits doesn’t have to be too difficult, though, at least not when you have a foolproof plan to follow. Start by having a look at the simple steps below to improve your life and continue to build healthier habits. That way, you can pass the message on to your friends and family members who are looking for ways out of their own guilty pleasures.

First: You Need a Replacement

When you understand the core of your habits, it’s actually not that hard to put your plan into action. At the end of the day, we tend to make a habit out of something because it feels good; it could be going to the gym, for example, because it feels so great afterward or lighting up that cigarette because of the rush you feel.

No matter what, you tend to continue this behavior to feel the reward of it. That’s why it’s not going to be easy to quit when you don’t have anything to replace it with – and most people report on eating more when they stop a bad habit because they’re subconsciously looking to replace that feeling of being rewarded.

Every time you feel like overeating (if that’s the bad habit you’re trying to get rid of), try to have a glass of water. Sometimes, we confuse hunger with thirst. Want to stop smoking? Get yourself a vape and some vape juice as a stepping-stone to a healthier life. It won’t be everything you need but it will help you a bit along the way. And one day, you won’t even want that!

Next: Remind Yourself Why You’d Like to Quit

The next tip goes hand-in-hand with the reward system explained above. When you want to quit a bad habit, you’re going to have to remind yourself about why exactly you’d like to quit. Sometimes, you’re going to need a reminder about why you’re doing this – and those moments may come a bit more often than you anticipated.

It’s all about delayed gratification, of course, and while you may know very well why you’d like to lose weight or stop smoking, the future rewards are just not enough at the moment. Write a list, for example, of all the benefits you can look forward to, and have a look at it when you desperately need a reminder.

You Don’t Have to Start Over Again if You Stumble

Lastly, it’s important to tell yourself that it’s not the end of the world if you should stumble. Quitting a bad habit is very difficult. Even when you stumble, give yourself grace. Get back up and try again. 

Beating Bad Habits

Be kind to yourself and remember that you’re not starting over again even when you stumble. Just continue with a positive spirit the next day, and you’ll be able to leave your bad habit behind soon enough.

Want more tips on living a healthy lifestyle? Are you ready to find your confidence and a balanced life you can love? Fill out this quick form, and I will message you about The Empowered Life Initiative!

The Importance of New Experiences to Growing Children

The Importance of New Experiences to Growing Children (1)

When you have growing children, you need to realize the importance of exposing them to new experiences and ideas as they learn and develop. This is one of those things that are important in different ways, and you can’t afford to ignore it. Every parent wants to do the best by their children, and this should always include exposing them to new things. Here’s why this is something that’s really important.

It’s All About Discovering and Learning

When kids have the chance to discover what the world around them is all about, they become more aware of their surroundings and gradually become better informed. This is important because they will slowly need to become more independent in life, and this is certainly part of that whole process. It doesn’t matter how young they are; this process starts right away because they’re always learning and gathering new information about the world.

They Allow Them to Develop New Relationships

When kids are put in new situations, they have a chance to meet new people and develop new relationships. This most basic example of this is when they start school. Not only will they have the chance to make new friends in the classroom, but they’ll develop relationships with teachers do. This is an important part of socializing and growing up. It’s a process that every child needs to go through.

They’ll Find Skills and Interests

Your child only finds out what they enjoy and what skills they have by trying new thing. If they’re never exposed to new hobbies, new sports and other activities they haven’t tried before, they will never learn whether or not they’re good at these things or whether they enjoy doing them, and that would be a real shame. At this age, they should be trying as many new things as they possibly can.

There Are Lots of First Times That’ll Shape Them as They Grow

We’re all shaped by the things we do for the first time. As children, we go through lots of firsts because that’s just the nature of growing up in the world. Whether it’s on an NST school trip or a trip to the shop, your child will see and do things that are new to them a lot and these experiences can often shape who they become as they grow up. Most of them won’t, but many will.

We Can’t Put Them in Bubbles

As a parent, you might be a little tempted to put your kids in bubbles and protect them from the world. Although that’s certainly an understandable impulse, it’s certainly not one that will help your children to grow and blossom as adults in life. They need to be given the chance to have new experiences so that they can find themselves and become well-rounded individuals as they grow up.

Our Growing Children Need New Experiences

New experiences help your growing children thrive. Don’t hold them back or stop them from being exposed to new things when they’re young. It could really help them to grow as people and discover more about themselves at the same time too.