3 Ways To Save Time and Money

Three Ways to Save Time & Money!

If you’re looking to save time and money when it comes to your daily life (and who isn’t?) there are some simple principles to follow.  First, is preparation. Second, is leverage. Third, is efficiency. The concepts of preparation, leverage, and efficiency can be utilized in all aspects of your daily life. Check out these simple scenarios to highlight each point.


Most people skip breakfast because they are rushing to get to work. Or they grab something on the way to work that tends to be sweet and/or greasy – meaning it’s not only bad for your health but also your wallet, for two reasons.  

The first reason is that eating on the go, in this sense, can be expensive – and the second is that eating in this way causes peaks and troughs of energy levels meaning that at around 11 am you’re likely to “crash” and crave sugar in order to boost your energy, which often means spending more money on something that’s unhealthy.

The best thing you can do, for breakfast, is to prepare something the night before.  For instance, a smoothie with coconut milk, fresh fruit, some green leaves, and as many seeds as you can handle is a great way to start the day.  You can make it the night before, leave it in the fridge, and enjoy it on your way to work.

It’s also going to fill you up in a different way to the sweet or greasy snacks many people eat at breakfast time, meaning you won’t get the cravings for a sugary mid-morning snack, thus this simple yet profound positive change in your routine benefits your purse as well as your health.


You want to leverage systems as much as you can in order to save time.  For instance, setting up your regular groceries to be delivered to your home, each week, on autopilot is something that can save a considerable amount of time due to not having to go out to the grocery store plus it can save money as you’re not going to be tempted to indulge in the impulse purchases shops rely on to squeeze more money out of us.

In a similar vein, you can use My Legal Edge for ready-made legal templates and forms that save time and money in terms of personal matters such as wills, premarital agreements of power of attorney documents.  

The point is that you want to leverage as many templates or systems as possible in your life. This way, you are efficient with your time yet frugal with your funds.


Have you ever noticed other people, or perhaps even yourself, going to the gym and half-heartedly training… maybe even in a group fitness class?  If you’re going to make all the effort to get changed, drive to the gym, and commit some time in the gym then make it count.

The reality is that some people will spend two hours on cardiovascular machines, at a gentle pace, thinking that they’ve had a phenomenal workout because of the time they have invested – yet, thirty minutes of high-intensity interval training would have likely achieved much better results in a quarter of the time!

If working out at home sounds like something you want to do, finding a sustainable program is simple! Having the right tools and accountability can make all the difference.

Save Time and Money

If you want to save time and money, it doesn’t have to be difficult. You can start incorporating simple things into your daily life to make all the difference!


There’s Still Time to Revisit Your Goals for the Year!

There's Still Time to Revisit Your Goals for the Year!

With only a few months left of 2018, it’s time to reflect. Did you do everything you intended? Did you make the changes you wanted, tick things off your bucket list and improve yourself as a person. If so, that’s fantastic. But if not, it’s not over yet. Don’t wish away 2018 because you want to start a fresh new year with a clean slate, there’s still plenty of time to achieve the goals you set in January and make this a great year after all. If things haven’t gone your way, here are a few things you can do to revisit your goals and will allow you to look back on 2018 and say it was a good one.

Be more social

The world can be a lonely place at times, despite being surrounded by people all day. It’s important to make good connections, attend social events where you can make new friends and spend time with friends and family. If you’re looking for love, why not join a dating app? There’s something for everyone these days, from Muslim dating, to dating in your later years- there are dating apps for people with professional jobs and much more. Instead of waiting for love to find you, put yourself out there. It could end up being one of the best things you’ve ever done.

Think about your health

One thing most of us swear to do at the beginning of each year is to get healthier. Health is so important, we only get one body so it’s important to look after it. It’s not about restricting and strict diets, if you ‘fell off the wagon’ early in the year then chances are you were going about things all wrong. Health is about living a healthy lifestyle– lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, vitamin and mineral rich foods. You can still eat the things you really enjoy, but practice moderation. Learn plenty of recipes that feature healthy ingredients to create delicious flavourful dishes. Exercise- do something that you find fun and enjoyable. Head down to the pool to go swimming, go trampolining, go on hikes with your dog or attend a dance class. If slogging away at the gym isn’t for you there are plenty of other options! Give up your dangerous vices, drink enough water and get enough sleep. You’ll genuinely feel like a new person.


There’s nothing quite as special as seeing a new place in the world. It helps you to appreciate the beautiful planet we live on, it opens your eyes to different cultures and lifestyles and it’s fun too. If you’ve had a stressful year, a couple of weeks lying on a beach might be just what the doctor ordered- check out last minute deals if you’re on a budget. Sites like Wowcher and Groupon are full of bargains for mini-breaks and vacations too. Even taking a road trip or going camping could be good options, they don’t cost much but you get to see new places and experience new things. Make a travel bucket list and aim to tick off at least one place on it by the end of the year.

Revisit Your Goals

If you haven’t accomplished all that you wanted to in 2018, there’s still time to revisit your goals and crush them! Is self-care is a goal of yours? Be sure to get a copy of my free self-care ebook here. If health and fitness are one of your goals, I can help you with that too!

What Is Race for The Cure?

What Is race for the cure?

It’s estimated that there will be over 40,000 deaths (among women) in 2018 from breast cancer. That is such a startling and heartbreaking statistic. Chances are you know someone that has been affected by this terrible disease. I have decided that I will be running in The Race for the Cure in Evansville, Indiana on September 30, 2018.

race for the cure

Race for the Cure in Evansville, Indiana

I will be running the Race for the Cure in Evansville, Indiana for my Aunt’s spouse who recently passed away from metastatic breast cancer. I look forward to helping raise money for breast cancer awareness and research with Susan G Komen in hopes that one day we will no longer deal with such an ugly disease. The mission of Komen is to

ensure that all people receive the care they need and finding breakthroughs to prevent and cure breast cancer.

75% of the money raised from the race stays here in the community! This helps to fund local breast cancer education, screening, and treatment programs. The remaining 25% supports groundbreaking breast cancer research.

race for the cure

What Is the Susan G Komen Organization?

The Susan G Komen organization was founded in 1982 by Nancy Brinker. Brinker’s sister, Susan G Komen passed away from breast cancer in 1980. Brinker promised Komen that she would do everything she could to end breast cancer. Starting with $200 and a shoebox full of donor’s names, the organization grew into the world’s largest non-profit for funding against breast cancer.

This non-profit has invested over $2.9 billion in groundbreaking research, community health outreach, advocacy and programs in more than 60 countries! (Komen.org)

What Is Race for The Cure?

Race for the Cure is the world’s largest fundraising event for breast cancer. The race consists of a 5K run/walk to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. The race is also a time to celebrate those women and men who have survived breast cancer and memorialize those that have lost their battle.

How Can You Help?

If you would like to make a donation for Race for the Cure, go here. I greatly appreciate it! And if you would like to run with me, use code: DealPro (case sensitive)  to get $5 off your race or walk registration fee!


**This post is sponsored by Valpak

Rise And Shine With A Commute You Can Use

Rise And Shine With A Commute You Can Use

You could say we’re in somewhat of a commuter age at the moment. High city costs and a need for retreat leave many us facing an average 25-minute journey to work each day. And, a lot of us are unhappy about it. It’s no surprise when you consider that time we spend traveling is wasted time which doesn’t pull profits. The fact is, though, that the situation doesn’t look like it’s going to change. If recent years are anything to go by, our work commute times only seem set to increase in the future.

Rather than resenting our commutes, we should accept them as an inevitable part of the working day. A fantastic way to do that would be to consider how you can use this time to ease yourself into the working day. When you consider that getting ahead on your commute could mean leaving the office early, it’s difficult to argue against this. With that in mind, consider the following three ways you can get started on work early.

Go over what you did the day before

Most of us are pretty foggy when we reach the office in the morning. Even the most go-getting managers take time to warm up when they first arrive. Hence why many of us go over work from the day before to get our heads back in the game. This is a fantastic way to kickstart your flow, but it also stops you from getting started. Why not use your commute for this purpose, then? By putting in place cloud solutions like those offered by Vertex, you can check your previous day’s efforts from the comfort of your phone. Of course, you might want to give this a miss if you’re driving. But, if you catch public transport, this could be the ideal thing to increase efficiency once you arrive.

Catch up with industry news

Any manager knows that it’s crucial to keep one eye on industry news. Fail to do this, and you could miss significant changes in your field. Not to mention that you’d struggle to keep on top of competitors if you didn’t take time to find out what they’re doing. It may be that you pick up an industry-specific newspaper at the train station each morning. You could even achieve this goal by listening to appropriate radio stations as you drive. Either way, this is the ideal time to get a feel for things. With a bit of luck, this will have you brimming with ideas and raring to go.

Write your to-do list

Every business person out there knows that to-do lists are fantastic news for business efficiency. With one of these to hand, you can make sure you complete every necessary task on time. This small step can also help a great deal with delegation. Sadly, to-do lists are also a fantastic way to procrastinate in the mornings. Instead, then, make sure you complete your list during your commute. Then, there’s no excuse for not getting straight to work on arrival.


Combating Symptoms of Stress in Your Life

Combating Symptoms of Stress in Your Life

Many of us accept stress as a standard part of our day to day lives. We experience stress at home, during our commute, in the workplace, during social interactions, and in our personal relationships. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot in our life that doesn’t cause us stress from time to time. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, stress in your life is merely an evolutionary response to alert us to problems and stir an appropriate response.

It’s important that we minimize the amount of stress that we expose ourselves to on a regular basis and deal with the stress that we do experience effectively in order to maintain a good quality life as well as a sense of contentedness and wellbeing. Let’s look at all of these issues and figure out how you can combat symptoms of stress in your own life!

The Statistics

First, let’s focus on why stress can be so detrimental in our day to day lives and exactly why we should be making an active effort to minimize our stress levels. Now, experiencing stress in dangerous or difficult situations. It is a trait that has evolved over generations to help us to escape from danger or harm. It triggers our fight or flight response and encourages us to find problem-free ways out of undesirable scenarios. So, yes, stress does have a logical function. However, if you are experiencing stress unnecessarily or every day of your life, things can quickly become problematic.

A study published in the Journal of Aging Research found that stress can indeed have negative effects on our overall health and wellbeing – individuals experiencing moderate to high levels of stress experience higher mortality rates than other individuals who experience lower levels of stress. Another study published by the British Medical Journal concluded that mild stress experienced on a regular basis can be linked to long-term disabilities. Research showcased by Medical News Today supports these claims. It indicates that chronic stress can cause long-term epigenetic changes. The Journal of Neuroscience argues that stress can literally change your brain function. There are, of course, plenty of other studies out there, but hopefully, this goes to show that stress is a huge problem that needs to be tackled.

Identifying the Causes of Your Stress

Now that you know to actively reduce stress in your life, you’re going to have to identify the causes of stress in your life to start tackling them, resolving them, or removing them from your life completely. Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes of stress and the most effective ways of combating them.

Loss of a Loved One

Losing a loved one is one of the few stressful experiences in life that you have absolutely no control over and it is also one of the few experiences that you cannot necessarily turn into a positive. If you have experienced the loss of a loved one and are experiencing stress, this is entirely natural. You shouldn’t beat yourself for feeling stress in this situation. You just need to grieve in whatever way comes naturally to you. Time is generally considered the only remedy for this form of stress. Sure, you may never fully recover, but you will slowly learn to take life day by day despite your loss.

Loss of a Job

Unemployment places you in an extremely difficult position. This difficulty can face you at any point in your life. Individuals who have just finished school or who have graduated from college can often find themselves plunging into the depths of stress when they apply time and time again for a job in their chosen field, only to face offers of unpaid work or rejections. Individuals who have taken time away from work to raise children or to recover from sickness or injury can face similar situations. However, for now, let’s focus on the loss of a job.

Losing a job unexpectedly can be extremely difficult, as you are used to having a set wage coming in and being able to meet all of your bill payments on time. You will have become accustomed to a lifestyle that your employment allowed for – signing up to credit agreements such as mortgages, car finance plans, gym memberships, insurance policies, and more.

If you lose your job, you will still be tied into all of these contracts and may find yourself applying for loans or credit cards to tide you over until you have a regular income again. When you do have a regular income, you can find difficulty in keeping up with current bill payments as well as paying off your loans and credit cards. If your employer does terminate your role, you should ensure that you receive a redundancy payout.

If you have been working for the company for two or more years, you will be able to claim for this. You should also get straight back out searching the job market for any relevant roles as soon as you are notified that you will be out of work. This will give you the most opportunity to land interviews and a new position as soon as possible.

Stress Reducing Products

As well as finding the root causes of your stress and taking the time to resolve them, you can reduce your symptoms in the meantime by using stress-reducing products. Here are just a few to consider.


Leafbuyer supplies a whole host of different herbal remedies that can provide great stress relief. They provide uplifting energy and creative effects, boosting your mood, and putting tension to rest.

Pillow Sprays

There are a variety of pillow sprays on the market that incorporates herbs and plants whose properties are shown to have calming qualities, such as lavender. You simply spray these scents on your pillow before you get to sleep and they help to soothe you as you nod off.

Temple Salve

Temple salves can be dotted on the temples to relieve tension and provide you with an olfactory lift. Look for specialist products that incorporate ingredients such as (once again) lavender, but also eucalyptus.

Stress Balls

Stress balls are perhaps one of the most traditional forms of stress relief, but they have stood the test of time for good reason. You simply squeeze them when you feel stress, tension, or anger. This satisfies your desire to clench your fists, without causing you pain or damage.

Combatting Symptoms of Stress in Your Life

Stress Reducing Activities

As well as stress-reducing products, you can also engage in stress-relieving activities. These should provide you with a positive distraction, engaging both your mind and body. Here are some to try out yourself.


Meditation is one of the most relaxing activities that you can engage with. There are various techniques that you can try out that will have a positive effect on your body and mind. First, you could consider progressive muscle relaxation. To carry out this technique, you tense and relax different muscle groups. This makes you more aware of your body. It releases tension in all muscle groups by the end of the activity. Next, you could try out mantra meditation. This involves repeating a chosen calming word or phrase out loud. This removes other thoughts from your mind, allowing you to escape from everyday stressors or tasks. Finally, consider mindful meditation. This tends to revolve around breathing techniques. It gives the mind free rein over the here and now in a non-judgemental manner.


Massage provides you with an opportunity to lie back, relax, and have stress worked out of your body by a professional masseuse. You will lie on a comfortable table in a dimly lit room with calming music playing. This creates an extremely calming atmosphere where you can drift off or let your mind wander. Different strokes and techniques can then be used to work knots and tension out of your muscles. The strokes used and pressure applied during a massage can also help to lower your heart rate, reduce levels of insulin, and reduce cortisol levels.

Combatting Symptoms of Stress in Your Life

Combat Stress in Your Life

There’s a whole lot of information to take into account when you start considering stress, the cause of stress in your life, and how best to deal with the symptoms that come hand in hand with stressful experiences. But hopefully, the above information and advice have helped you to get to grips with the topic a little better!

Listen Up: 3 Signs That Your Hearing is Suffering

3 Signs That Your Hearing is Suffering

While some signs of hearing loss are sudden and clear, others are more slow and subtle. If you belong to the second category, it can be difficult to pinpoint the symptoms and understanding that your hearing is suffering. Luckily, there are a few signs that are a clear indication of hearing loss even if they’re subtle and creeping. The earlier you are able to identify the problems, the easier it will be for you to get the help you need to live a normal life again.

Social signs: Frequent Repetition

Needless to say, the first and most common sign of hearing loss is that you require that people repeat themselves frequently. It’s the number one way for those around you to tell that you’re not able to hear them as well as you used to – and that’s why it’s a good idea to ask your family members if they’ve noticed this when talking to you.

Another indication is that you struggle to keep up with conversations that involve two or more people – or find it difficult to hear people when you’re in noisy surroundings. Sure, most of us will have a bit of trouble hearing everyone clearly if you’re in a noisy place, but you need to take this into consideration with everything else as well.

Call your doctor and book an appointment to have your hearing checked out, first of all, and have a look at this article for the best hearing aid on the market so that you’re prepared.

Medically: A Family History

If someone in your family is struggling with their hearing and you’re noticing the same symptoms in yourself, it’s a pretty clear indication that you should book that appointment right away. These problems will often be passed down through the generations, and it’s better to get it confirmed sooner rather than later.

Another point to this is that you might have been exposed to very loud noises which have damaged your hearing. This might have been a single loud noise or something that happened over a longer period of time – either way, have a chat with your doctor.

Emotionally: Feeling Stressed Out

Not hearing people properly will cause a lot of emotional stress. You might not even think that it has something to do with you, rather than feeling annoyed that people talk so muffled or a bit stressed and strained from concentrating to hear what others are saying.

Those who let this go on without addressing the issues or realizing that they’re suffering from hearing loss may even withdraw from social situations in order to avoid embarrassing situations where they misunderstand others. 

Hearing Loss Is Manageable

There are so many ways to manage this condition and live a full life with hearing loss. Make sure you have it checked out, so you can get back to your normal routines again.  

Is It Time To Make Some Genuine Positive Changes In Your Life?

Is It Time To Make Some Genuine Positive Changes In Your Life_

We all need a bit of help to focus on the good things, and keep a positive attitude from time to time. It is, however, much easier said than done – and following through on those changes you swear you’ll make is a lot harder than it seems. Luckily, there are some tried-and-tested methods for making positive changes and actually sticking to them so that you can enjoy a happier and healthier you. Check out ways to make positive changes in your life today.

Feel the Pain First

Maybe you have tried to make positive changes in your life several times already. Exercising is a good example of this; we get highly motivated and sign up for a gym membership, only to feel less than motivated the day after. The problem is that you’re no longer feeling the pain that made you want to exercise – and you’re going to have to remind yourself about exactly how much you want it.

To a lot of people who are on a weight loss journey, this might mean looking at a picture of themselves and how they used to be. To others, it might mean imagining the feeling of being completely out of shape and having stuffed themselves with a large meal – the feeling sucks, and they don’t want to go back.

Feel the Pleasure

We’re doing this to rewire our brain slightly, so you’re going to have to stick with it for some time before you notice the changes you’re looking for. If you need extra motivation, you can have a look at My Fitness Prescription so that you get expert advice and help when you need it.

The next step on your journey to making positive changes in your life is to connect the changes you’re making with something pleasurable. After a long day of working hard on your goals, try to think about all the great things you’ve done for yourself before you fall asleep; how did it make you feel?

That way, you’re able to end your day with a positive feeling, and you can start the next day with a mind that is clear and focused. You know what you need to do to get where you want, and you know just how great it makes you feel – now you just have to do it.

Remember to Ask for Help

With so much at stake, it may feel frightening to start and try to make the changes you’re looking for. The fear of failing will often keep us from even attempting to reach our goals, so it’s important to know that failure is a good thing – and that’s it’s far better than not trying.

Is It Time To Make Some Genuine Positive Changes In Your Life_

Make Positive Changes in Your Life

Keep in mind that you should lean on someone and ask them for help with reaching your goals, whatever they might be. It’s not just because it makes it a bit easier to follow through but also because it’s good to talk to someone and have a person cheering you on. By doing these things, you can begin to make positive changes in your life today.

If improving your health and fitness is on your list, I’d love to help. Check out my coaching packages and let’s chat about your goals.

No More Pain: Simple Ways to a Stronger and Healthier Back

No More Pain_ Simple Ways to a Stronger and Healthier Back

With all the sitting we do, it’s no wonder that so many people struggle with back pain. In fact, most adults experience it during their life – and there is no better day to have your day ruined than having to suffer from back pain. Luckily, there are a few hacks to prevent the pain from ever occurring so that you don’t have to experience it at all. Here is a handful of excellent methods for preventing back pain and building a stronger, leaner, and healthier back that you can rely on for many years to come.

Your Posture

One of the many reasons to why that pain starts, in the first place, is because we sit all day long. We wake up and sit down for breakfast – before sitting down in our car to drive to work where we’ll be sitting for another eight hours. After this, we will, of course, go home to sit some more.

An ergonomic chair at work, as well as a standing desk, may help you a lot, in the long run, but try to think about your posture both while sitting and while standing. Have a look at this article to figure out if you’re doing it right – and try to focus on fixing it in case you’re not.

Your Mattress

While what you do during the day certainly matters in terms of how healthy your back is going to feel, how you sleep at night will also have a lot to say. We spend so many hours on our mattresses and, if it’s not good enough, it’s actually not that strange if your back is hurting.

Those suffering from back pain will find immense solace in a new high-quality mattress. Try to find either a Vi spring mattress or one with memory foam as these will give your back the kind of comfort and relief it needs during the night.

By sleeping on a low-quality mattress and sitting down all day with a bad posture, it would be quite strange if your back wasn’t hurting,

Remember to Exercise

When you’ve been struggling with this kind of pain for a while, you may have asked your doctor about it. Most of them will recommend that you exercise – and not only your back, but also your abs. By strengthening your core, you’re actually also reducing the amount of pain you feel in your back as your core will help you to stay upright.  Plus, it’s a great way to fix your posture so that you can both sit and stand in a healthy way.

Get a Stronger and Healthier Back

After a long day at work, the last thing we need is that excruciating back pain to keep us from enjoying ourselves. Help yourself by doing these simple things, however, and your back will thank you. Want more info on getting a stronger and healthier back? Check out this post!

Why Health & Beauty Go Hand In Hand

Why Health & Beauty Go Hand In Hand

We all know that health and beauty are always lumped in together as though they are one thing. Health and beauty go hand in hand. When we focus on our health, we feel better AND look better. Win-win!

The truth is that there is a connection between how well you look after your health and how attractive you look, and appreciating and understanding this connection means that you can help to improve both of those. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the things you might want to consider in order to improve both of these at the same time. Check out a few ways to make yourself look and feel better today!


It’s no great secret that exercise is important for your health, or that it improves how you look, so it is surprising how many people who want both of those things fail to really do enough exercise in their daily life. If you are guilty of this, and you know that you should probably go out and exercise more, then you might want to think about what you can do to make that much more a part of your life. The truth is that it should be relatively easy to make sure that you are getting more exercise – it’s just a case of making sure that you fit it into your schedule. First, however, you’ll want to work out what kind of exercise you are going to do and for how long, and how frequently.

Most people, when they turn to exercise again after a time away from it, begin by simply going for a morning jog, and that is absolutely one of the best ways to start. Jogging is perfect for beginners because everyone knows how to do it naturally, and it has so many different kinds of benefits for you that you will be able to feel and see straight away. Just running three or four mornings a week will make a difference to your tummy if nothing else, and that will be beneficial for both your appearance and your health. Belly fat is one of the most harmful kinds of fat you can hold in the body, leading to problems such as digestive issues and bowel concerns. It is also one of the first fats most people want to shed when it comes to their physical appearance. Clearly, running is going to be a good way to get started in your exercise regime.

Three Things to Start Doing to Live Your Best Life

Whether you decide to do that, or even to go to the gym, you will want to make sure that you are making some kind of a routine out of it from the start. Put it on your calendar. Your routine should be one which you can actually follow.

With the right amount of exercise, there will be so many vast improvements in your health and beauty, You’ll definitely be encouraged to continue. Alone, exercise can achieve plenty, but it is usually not quite enough to really make all those huge changes you might be hoping for. You will also want to look into other areas of your life to improve – and one of the top ones absolutely has to be your diet and eating schedules.

Diet & Eating

What you eat is one of the biggest factors in both how you feel about your body and how you feel internally about your health. If you want to improve your appearance and your health, then looking at your eating is one of the first things to do. However, most people fail to really appreciate the full complexity of this, and it is likely that when you think of food you only really think about what your diet is. Although this is an important part of the whole process, it is actually only still a part, and there are any other aspects to eating which you also need to investigate if you are to improve both your physical appearance and your level of health.

So beyond looking at what you eat, what else should you be paying attention to? Well, one of the best things you can look into and alter is not what you eat, but when you eat. Playing around and experimenting with your eating schedule is a wonderful way to ensure that you are going to be able to be as healthy and attractive as possible, and that is the case for a number of reasons. First of all, most people in the west actually eat far too much. Even those who think they eat will tend to eat too much. There is a great way of discovering how much you need to eat, and it is by fasting.

There is currently something of a trend for what is known as Intermittent Fasting (IF). This is where you fast for a particular number of hours each day. The most common schedule is to fast for 16 hours a day. This includes the time you’re asleep – and then eat for the remaining 8. So you could stop eating at 9 at night and not eat again until 1 in the afternoon the next day. The wonder of this is that it provides many great health and physical benefits, even if you still eat the same number of calories during that eating window. Just the act of fasting itself causes the body to undergo positive changes which are likely to have some pretty great effects on how you look and feel.

Before you do that, of course, you should make sure that it is right for you. Anybody with a history of eating disorders should obviously avoid this. Likewise, if you have any kind of underlying condition which is likely to be exacerbated by fasting. Do your research. Gradually get into it and you’ll find that you can make a surprising difference to your health and beauty. It’s worth considering. If nothing else, it’s something that you can at least say you tried. You might feel a lot better just from trying it out even a few times.

It’s not just what you eat but when that can really affect your health and beauty. It’s worth experimenting with. But make sure that you are sensible about it and that you continue to look after yourself properly.

Why Health & Beauty Go Hand In Hand

Oral Care

Taking care of your teeth has both health and beauty benefits. But most of us do not take as much care of our teeth and gums as we could, and it is always a good idea to look into new ways to deal with this aspect of our bodies. Taking better care of your teeth requires more than just brushing well and flossing. There are many things you can try in order to have healthier teeth and gums.  

Firstly, stress is a huge factor here, in particular – ironically – stress about your health and your teeth. So remember that there is always a solution to even the worst teeth problems, whether that means getting Invisalign braces (a good way to take care of both looks and health), seeing the hygienist, or whatever else it might be.

Secondly, consider trying out new methods for taking care of your oral health. You might be surprised just how many there are you might not have heard of. For instance, you might want to try oil pulling. Oil pulling is a procedure in which you use food oil as a mouthwash. Swish for around twenty minutes and then brush your teeth afterward. This removes excess bacteria from the gums and can really help to make your mouth shine.

Health and Beauty Go Hand in Hand

Health and beauty go hand in hand. Consider all of the above and you can take care of both of them much more effectively. Who doesn’t want to look better and feel better?! Are you ready to take charge of your health? I’d love to discuss different programs with you to find the best fit for you! Check out my coaching options here!

Things You Can Do Now To Create A Happy, Healthy Life

Things You Can Do Now To Create A Happy, Healthy Life

We can all be guilty of getting stuck in a rut, don’t you think? At times, life can become a little too much and we can get overwhelmed. When this happens, we typically neglect our wellbeing. We can put everyone else first and become so much lower on the priority list. Hello, back burner! Eventually, you find yourself snapping, wondering what to do next and how to go about feeling better once more. You wonder how the heck you can even begin to create a happy, healthy life!

Often it is just the simple things that can make the biggest difference in our lives. It can start with small changes, a look at our habits and the way we think. Taking an interest in how we feel can be the start of a journey to feeling healthier and happier with our lives. But how do you start the journey? What steps can you take? It can be much easier than you expect to create a happy, healthy life!

Think about your diet

One of the first things you may want to do when it comes to creating a healthy and happy life is to think about your diet.  We can often be a little tempted to try diets that entice you to lose weight, and while initially they can offer good results, the problem is they can not be sustained. A diet should be more balanced, enabling you to give your body exactly what it needs to function. You should be getting all of the nutrients and vitamins your body needs with the food you eat, but the right supplements can also be beneficial. This is when websites like My Nature Choice could help you out. Our diet should give use the energy we need and enable us to feel good on the inside and the out, if your diet isn’t really doing that for you now maybe it is time to change it.


Exercise is one of those things that you may want to do more often, but we can sometimes find that a lack of motivation can stop us in our tracks. Working out is so good for you though. You may want to start thinking about how it can help you when it comes to creating a happy, healthy life.

Exercise at first will feel like hard work, especially if you haven’t done any for a while. But you need to push through the tough barrier to start enjoying the benefits that you can get. Exercise can actually help you to feel more energized and it can help to lift the fog of anxiety and depression. The more you exercise the healthier and happier you can be. But don’t be too worried, just regular exercise or activity daily can make the world of difference to your health and wellbeing.

Increase the amount of water you drink

Water is nature’s natural detox, so you may want to start trying to drink more of it on a daily basis. The recommended amount to drink is usually half your body weight. Water can naturally flush out your system of any bad toxins lurking around and can help you to feel more alert and refreshed for the day. Drinking plenty of water won’t automatically make you a happier person, but it can help towards your energy levels, the quality of sleep you get and improve things like your skin tone. Who doesn’t want clearer skin?! 

Cut out the vices

We all have vices that we would like to cut out of our lives, wouldn’t we? There may be that smoking habit that you know it affecting your health. It could be that you enjoy a glass of wine too many times a week and want to get rid of the reliance you may have on alcohol to relax and unwind at the end of the day. Whatever it is, cutting out bad habits can be difficult at first. If stopping cold turkey isn’t an option, look at ways you can slowly make the changes. It will help you to lead a healthier lifestyle and have you feeling happier sooner rather than later.

Things You Can Do Now To Create A Happy, Healthy Life

Think about your mental health

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, but it can often be overlooked. But taking better care of yourself mentally can have a positive impact on your well being and your physical health overall. Your mind is a powerful tool, so if you are not in the right frame of mind to change your diet or exercise then you simply won’t do it. It is all about your mindset. You need to start focusing on positivity and the way you think. Again it is all about breaking older habits, and this can really help you to move forward with your life and make the other changes that you need to make to feel happier and healthier overall.

Start a gratitude journal

Gratitude is one of the best things that you can have when it comes to feeling happier in yourself. When you start appreciating and feeling thankful for the things you have in you can then start to feel much better in yourself. It sounds crazy, but it has a positive effect and you will begin to see that more things happen in your life to help you feel more grateful and show gratitude. A great way to do this is to consider starting a gratitude journal. You can make notes of the things you are feeling thankful for each day. This has become part of my daily routine!

You can’t function on empty

Finally, you can’t function on an empty tank. That means that you have to take some time to do things for yourself. Fill yourself up with quiet time, reading a book, or just doing something you enjoy. It can make all the difference to how you approach your day to day routine.

Create a Happy, Healthy Life!

These tips can definitely help you create a happy, healthy life! We all deserve to be happy. Find the things you enjoy and take care of you. It’s not selfish. It’s necessary. 

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