4 Ways You Will Ruin Your Own Mental Health

4 ways you're ruining your mental health

Our mood and mind are massively affected by the world around us, with upsetting and distressing events, like the death of a loved one or a bad breakup, leaving us sad and stressed. Of course, these are things that we have little control over, but that’s not to say that we have none whatsoever when it comes to our mental health. After all, our routines, habits, and patterns of thinking also play a huge role, meaning that the bad habits we possess can negatively impact our own mind. With that in mind, here are four ways you could be ruining your own mental health.

Ignoring Your Cluttered Home

Whether you realize it or not, the clutter in your home can be a source of psychological distress, causing you to feel physically and mentally weighed down. Naturally, this creates large amounts of stress, which can often develop into anxiety and depression. You should make sure that your home is kept in a relatively organized fashion, with anything you no longer want or need given or thrown away regularly. This will allow you to feel more happy and free.

Isolating Yourself From Others

Isolating yourself from friends and family is a common sign of anxiety and depression. You may not realize that doing so can also bring on these mental health problems. This could potentially lead to a vicious cycle of isolation, mental health deterioration, and then further isolation. To prevent this, you need to make an effort to connect with loved ones regularly, even if only for a short time. This will strengthen your relationships and boost your mood.

Never Asking For Help

Asking for help when you need it is never a bad thing. In fact, it’s the very best thing that you can do for yourself. There’s almost always someone who is willing and happy to offer their support. If you needed help as you grew older, for example, then you could turn to the Seniors Helping Seniors home care provider. On the other hand, if you wanted to get out of debt, then there are financial support services you could use. Nothing is gained from struggling alone.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Anyone who’s missed a night of sleep knows how awful you can feel the next day. You’re left irritable, emotional, and completely stressed. Unfortunately, these feelings can cause you to lose further sleep, which, once again, can result in a downward spiral. With that in mind, it’s crucial that you make rest a priority and practice bedtime behaviors that can improve your sleep quality. These include cutting down on caffeine and ditching electronics.

We Can Stop Ruining Our Mental Health

Just like physical health, we can help heal our mental health. This is a task that should never be taken lightly. While it may be difficult at times, avoiding the mistakes above can make the job a lot easier. Making sure that you are incorporating self-care into your life can help improve your mental health. Be sure to get your free copy of my self-care ebook here!


3 Simple Ways To Help Your Elderly Relatives Keep Their Independence

Simple Ways To Help Your Elderly Relatives Keep Their Independence

The image we tend to hold dear of our moms and dads is always of a time when they were younger. We like to think of our parents as eternally mobile, fit, healthy and young. As we grow older and see the wrinkles developing on their faces, the sense of hearing diminishing a little and their ability to get around decreasing, it can be tough to cope with. Sometimes there is no option but to choose a care facility that will look after our parents and their ever-increasing medical needs. However, for those individuals who have a support network around them, they can strive to keep their independence. Take a look at how you can help your mom and dad keep their independence for as long as possible.

Living Arrangements

The idea of going into a nursing home is unpalatable for many older people. To prevent this from happening, you could choose to have your parent come and live with you. If their medical needs aren’t overwhelming and they can take care of themselves, having grandma or grandad around the kids can be enriching for your little ones and for the grandparents. There’s nothing better than hearing their stories, making special memories and allowing them time with their grandchildren. If this is a little too burdensome, you could choose to employ the services of a Seniors Helping Seniors carer. These individuals are seniors themselves and will help your parent with their needs in their own home. Their independence is kept, albeit with a little extra support.


While it may seem a little odd suggesting to your mom or dad that they head to the gym, a yoga class, a treadmill stroll or some lightweight work can work wonders in trying to counteract the inevitable muscle degeneration that comes with age. Older people can still strive for a certain level of fitness. A stroll every day can help maintain strong cardiovascular health. This doesn’t have to be in the gym and could be walking the dog in the park or simply taking a constitutional in the warmer summer evenings.


As your parents grow older, the sad reality is that they will begin attending more funerals as their nearest and dearest pass away. This can cause your mom or dad to be confronted by their own mortality which can be overwhelming. To try and help with any low moods, you need to encourage your parent to remain sociable and enjoy going out with friends. Becoming withdrawn and hermit-like can lead to depression. If your elderly relative doesn’t have a vast social circle, suggest that they join a new club. Walking groups, book clubs, and cooking classes are all great ways for your mom or dad to meet new like-minded people.

Help Mom and Dad Keep Their Independence

We all hate to think of our parents as vulnerable human beings, especially when we can picture them as young, virile moms and dads. However, the natural process of aging means that your parents will begin to struggle with everyday tasks. The good thing is that we can help mom and dad keep their independence in order to cope with their lessening faculties. By using this guide, you can help your elderly relatives to maintain their independence.


3 Ways To Save Time and Money

Three Ways to Save Time & Money!

If you’re looking to save time and money when it comes to your daily life (and who isn’t?) there are some simple principles to follow.  First, is preparation. Second, is leverage. Third, is efficiency. The concepts of preparation, leverage, and efficiency can be utilized in all aspects of your daily life. Check out these simple scenarios to highlight each point.


Most people skip breakfast because they are rushing to get to work. Or they grab something on the way to work that tends to be sweet and/or greasy – meaning it’s not only bad for your health but also your wallet, for two reasons.  

The first reason is that eating on the go, in this sense, can be expensive – and the second is that eating in this way causes peaks and troughs of energy levels meaning that at around 11 am you’re likely to “crash” and crave sugar in order to boost your energy, which often means spending more money on something that’s unhealthy.

The best thing you can do, for breakfast, is to prepare something the night before.  For instance, a smoothie with coconut milk, fresh fruit, some green leaves, and as many seeds as you can handle is a great way to start the day.  You can make it the night before, leave it in the fridge, and enjoy it on your way to work.

It’s also going to fill you up in a different way to the sweet or greasy snacks many people eat at breakfast time, meaning you won’t get the cravings for a sugary mid-morning snack, thus this simple yet profound positive change in your routine benefits your purse as well as your health.


You want to leverage systems as much as you can in order to save time.  For instance, setting up your regular groceries to be delivered to your home, each week, on autopilot is something that can save a considerable amount of time due to not having to go out to the grocery store plus it can save money as you’re not going to be tempted to indulge in the impulse purchases shops rely on to squeeze more money out of us.

In a similar vein, you can use My Legal Edge for ready-made legal templates and forms that save time and money in terms of personal matters such as wills, premarital agreements of power of attorney documents.  

The point is that you want to leverage as many templates or systems as possible in your life. This way, you are efficient with your time yet frugal with your funds.


Have you ever noticed other people, or perhaps even yourself, going to the gym and half-heartedly training… maybe even in a group fitness class?  If you’re going to make all the effort to get changed, drive to the gym, and commit some time in the gym then make it count.

The reality is that some people will spend two hours on cardiovascular machines, at a gentle pace, thinking that they’ve had a phenomenal workout because of the time they have invested – yet, thirty minutes of high-intensity interval training would have likely achieved much better results in a quarter of the time!

If working out at home sounds like something you want to do, finding a sustainable program is simple! Having the right tools and accountability can make all the difference.

Save Time and Money

If you want to save time and money, it doesn’t have to be difficult. You can start incorporating simple things into your daily life to make all the difference!


There’s Still Time to Revisit Your Goals for the Year!

There's Still Time to Revisit Your Goals for the Year!

With only a few months left of 2018, it’s time to reflect. Did you do everything you intended? Did you make the changes you wanted, tick things off your bucket list and improve yourself as a person. If so, that’s fantastic. But if not, it’s not over yet. Don’t wish away 2018 because you want to start a fresh new year with a clean slate, there’s still plenty of time to achieve the goals you set in January and make this a great year after all. If things haven’t gone your way, here are a few things you can do to revisit your goals and will allow you to look back on 2018 and say it was a good one.

Be more social

The world can be a lonely place at times, despite being surrounded by people all day. It’s important to make good connections, attend social events where you can make new friends and spend time with friends and family. If you’re looking for love, why not join a dating app? There’s something for everyone these days, from Muslim dating, to dating in your later years- there are dating apps for people with professional jobs and much more. Instead of waiting for love to find you, put yourself out there. It could end up being one of the best things you’ve ever done.

Think about your health

One thing most of us swear to do at the beginning of each year is to get healthier. Health is so important, we only get one body so it’s important to look after it. It’s not about restricting and strict diets, if you ‘fell off the wagon’ early in the year then chances are you were going about things all wrong. Health is about living a healthy lifestyle– lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, vitamin and mineral rich foods. You can still eat the things you really enjoy, but practice moderation. Learn plenty of recipes that feature healthy ingredients to create delicious flavourful dishes. Exercise- do something that you find fun and enjoyable. Head down to the pool to go swimming, go trampolining, go on hikes with your dog or attend a dance class. If slogging away at the gym isn’t for you there are plenty of other options! Give up your dangerous vices, drink enough water and get enough sleep. You’ll genuinely feel like a new person.


There’s nothing quite as special as seeing a new place in the world. It helps you to appreciate the beautiful planet we live on, it opens your eyes to different cultures and lifestyles and it’s fun too. If you’ve had a stressful year, a couple of weeks lying on a beach might be just what the doctor ordered- check out last minute deals if you’re on a budget. Sites like Wowcher and Groupon are full of bargains for mini-breaks and vacations too. Even taking a road trip or going camping could be good options, they don’t cost much but you get to see new places and experience new things. Make a travel bucket list and aim to tick off at least one place on it by the end of the year.

Revisit Your Goals

If you haven’t accomplished all that you wanted to in 2018, there’s still time to revisit your goals and crush them! Is self-care is a goal of yours? Be sure to get a copy of my free self-care ebook here. If health and fitness are one of your goals, I can help you with that too!