3 Reasons Why Great Chefs Shouldn’t Cater Their Own Special Events

3 Reasons Why Even Great Chefs Shouldn't Cater Their Own Special Events

If you have a passion for food and drink, a flair in the kitchen and a love of providing quality sustenance for your friends and family, catering a big family event often seems like the right choice. There’s a celebration – such as a wedding or a birthday party – to be held for someone you care about. Food and drink will be required. You have wonderful cooking skills, so what could be simpler than choosing to cater the event yourself? Such a decision seems like a perfect combination of being able to utilize your genuine talent and save a little cash on the organizing costs.

However, this may not be the straightforward idea that you believe it to be. While there is no doubting your culinary skills, there are three reasons that you may want to follow in the footsteps of the vast majority of other accomplished home cooks and choose a professional caterer for your special event instead. Read on to find out more.

Scalability problems

There’s a big difference between being able to create a sit-down meal for your family and actually catering a full event. While the concept may seem basic – you just do the same as normal, only more of it – it is actually incredibly complex, and can lead to frustration as you are simply unable to focus on each dish as you would hope. Catering on a large scale is quite unlike home cooking; it’s more complex, more time-consuming, and there is less room for personalization and innovation.

The variety of menu options available

If you take the time to check out new banquet and catering menus for onsite and offsite catering, you will see a huge range of choice is available, which ensures there is a suitable option for every occasion. Many amateur chefs have their own special dishes that they have refined to perfection; this is wonderful, but can lead to limitations if you’re trying to cater to a larger group. Opting for a professional caterer ensures that you are able to explore a diversity of foods that no home-chef would be able to match, which allows for the event to feel special and different.

Event enjoyment

If you choose to cater a special event yourself, you’ll find that your enjoyment of that event is greatly diminished. You’ll spend the night running from place to place. This means that you won’t get to enjoy the celebration. You won’t be able to share the moment with them. Professional caterers will take all of this stress and need for constant food-related attention onto themselves, so you can relax and enjoy the evening unencumbered by managing the catering process.

Enjoy your event without the stress

Is there a big event on the horizon? Offering to act as the caterer for the day may seem like the natural step, but reconsider. Leave big events for the professionals. Then you can be free to enjoy the event without the stresses of having to be the designated cook.


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